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Williams RB Memphis Quick, quick, quick.  Williams is the real deal, he has great acceleration, good hands, and is stronger than you think.  Best player in the game.
Harrison RB Washington St Has quick feet.  Harrison changes direction very well, is slippery making tacklers miss, and showed the ability to run inside.
Bell RB Arizona Showed good cutting ability and power running skills.  In practice caught the ball well.
Whitehurst QB Clemson Cutler and Croyle were the talk of practice, but Whitehurst gets the nod, ever so slightly for his play during the game.  No quarterback looked great during the game.
Moss WR Miami A very explosive player.  Moss is quick, fast, and has good hands.  A definite play-maker in the NFL.
Williams WR Oregon Had an excellent week of practice, but got banged up late and was limited in the gae.  Williams is a consistent performer with good hands and moves.
Byrd TE USC Looked very good getting open and catching the ball.  Showed the ability to make catches down the field.
Klopfenstein TE Colorado Had some nice catches and some good blocks.  Another good tight end in a very deep draft for tight ends.
Ferguson OL Virginia Was dominating in one-on-one drills in practice.  Dominated Kiwanuka.
Jean-Gilles OL Georgia Followed superb practice sessions with a great game.  Looked like the most dominate blocker at the Senior Bowl.
Hali DL Penn State Provided a consistent pass rush throughout the game.
Tapp DL Virginia Tech Very quick off the ball, has excellent pass rush skills.  Was the best defensive player in the game.
Greenway LB Iowa Looked great during practice and had a solid, albeit unspectacular game.
Howard LB UTEP Extremely athletic, Howard plays both the run and the pass very well.  He looked particularly good in pass coverage during the game.
Jackson LB Maryland Had a nice game making plays against both the pass and the run.
Hill DB Clemson May have had the best week of practice of all players.  Didn't have much of a chance to show his stuff in the game, but made one nice tackle which was the only thing that couldn't be evaluated in practice.
Addae DB West Virginia Was all over the field.  Has very good tackling skills.
Griffin DB Texas Showed good cover corner skills and the ability to play the run.  Had a nice game.


Gradkowski QB Toledo Showed quick feet, good passing and running ability.
Jennings WR Western Michigan Showed good concentration, hands, and ball adjustments.
Howard RB Arkansas Showed power and some speed, quickness and cutting ability.
Kennedy FB Arkansas Showed good blocking skills.
Plackemeier P Wake Forest Showed a big leg.
Colston WR Hofstra Showed size and ability to go up and get the the ball.
McNeal QB Texas A&M Showed excellent athleticism, a better runner than passer, but can do both.
Slay DB Texas Tech Showed excellent tackling skills, had some monster hits.
Olson QB UCLA Showed some skills, but was inconsistent.
Henderson RB Texas Tech Showed terrific skills, quick, strong, cuts well, inside/outside skills.  Best player in the game.
Butler DB TCU Showed good cover corner skills.
Bray LB Oregon State Showed good tackling skills, particularly in open field.
Day TE Orgeon Showed reliable hands and the ability to get open in short to medium zones.
Rucker DL USC Showed good pass rush skills
Gocong DL Cal Poly Showed excellent ability to play the run, and good pass rush skills.  Best defensive player in the game.
Jolly DL Texas A&M Showed quickness and good pass rush skills.


Rice DL Penn State Showed pass rush and run defense skills.
Marshall WR Central Florida Showed excellent hands, moves, ability to make the tough catch, toughness, ability to use size, and ability to get deep.  Clearly, the best player in the game.
Elliot QB Linfield Showed accuracy, and ability to throw short and deep, was inconsistent, but could be a sleeper.
Daniels RB Georgia Tech Showed power and moves.
Mays LB Notre Dame Showed good tackling ability, had some hard hits.
Mincey DL Florida Showed terrific pass rush skills.  Best defensive player in the game.
Ebell RB UTEP Showed strength, toughness, and good cutting ability.
Hawkins DL Illinois State Showed good pass rush skills.
Johnson DB Iowa Showed good ball skills, ands run-after-the-interception ability.
Cobbs RB Texas Tech Showed ability to make tacklers miss using moves and shiftiness.
Hall FB Texas Showed tremendous tackling ability on special teams, had some monster hits.
Dibbles DL Texas Showed good ability to play the run and push the pocket.
Betts QB Miami (Ohio) Showed a good arm, and ability to move in the pocket, was inconsistent, but had his moments.