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on DAY ONE of the 2006 DRAFT
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# Sel# Team Player Jay Goldberg's as GM Larry LoSchiavo as GM
1 1 Houston 
Williams, Mario DE 6-7 294 North Carolina State
Mistake, should have been Bush, he's a rare offensive talent. Mistake, pass on an electric game breaker in Bush???
2 2 New Orleans 
Bush, Reggie RB 5-11 200 Southern California
Agree with selection Agree with selection
3 3 Tennessee 
Young, Vince QB 6-5 228 Texas
Agree with selection Agree with selection
4 4 N.Y. Jets 
Ferguson, D'Brickashaw OT 6-6 313 Virginia
Agree with selection Agree with selection
5 5 Green Bay 
Hawk, A.J. OLB 6-1 247 Ohio State
Agree with selection Agree with selection
6 6 San Francisco 
Davis, Vernon TE 6-3 256 Maryland
Agree with selection Agree with selection
7 7 Oakland 
Huff, Michael SS 6-0 203 Texas
Agree with selection Mistake, Raiders have too many needs to draft a safety this high. Would have gone QB or DL
8 8 Buffalo 
Whitner, Donte SS 5-10 203 Ohio State
Can't argue, I love Whitner, but Ngata would have been my pick, Bills were 31st in league versus the run last year Can't argue, but again would have gone to Bunkley over a safety
9 9 Detroit 
Sims, Ernie OLB 5-11 232 Florida State
Agree with selection Agree with selection
10 10 Arizona 
Leinart, Matt QB 6-5 224 Southern California
Agree with selection Agree with selection
11 11 Denver
Cutler, Jay QB 6-3 225 Vanderbilt
Mistake, Cutler a bit overrated, Denver needed WR Jackson Agree with selection
12 12 Baltimore 
Ngata, Haloti DT 6-4 337 Oregon
Agree with selection Mistake, would have gone Bunkley
13 13 Cleveland
Wimbley, Kamerion OLB 6-3 241 Florida State
Can't argue, but I would have stayed at 12 and drafted Ngata. Agree with selection
14 14 Philadelphia 
Bunkley, Brodrick DT 6-3 307 Florida State
Can't argue, but WR Jackson is going to be a star Agree with selection
15 15 St. Louis 
Hill, Tye CB 5-9 186 Clemson
Agree with selection Agree with selection
16 16 Miami 
Allen, Jason FS 6-1 208 Tennessee
Agree with selection Agree with selection
17 17 Minnesota 
Greenway, Chad OLB 6-3 243 Iowa
Agree with selection Agree with selection
18 18 Dallas 
Carpenter, Bobby OLB 6-3 255 Ohio State
Can't argue, especially if moving inside, but outside in the 3-4 I like Lawson better Agree with selection
19 19 San Diego 
Cromartie, Antonio CB 6-2 207 Florida State
Can't argue, but I like Jimmy Williams a little better Can't argue, but risky selection and they can't afford to be wrong at CB again
20 20 Kansas City 
Hali, Tamba DE 6-3 275 Penn State
Mistake, too high for Hali; J Williams or C Jackson would have been steals Agree with selection
21 21 New England 
Maroney, Laurence RB 6-0 216 Minnesota
Mistake, two or three years down the road they will regret not drafting DeAngelo williams Mistake - not sold on Maroney, DeAngelo Williams should have been the pick.
22 22 San Francisco
Lawson, Manny OLB 6-5 240 North Carolina State
Agree with selection Agree with selection
23 23 Tampa Bay 
Joseph, Davin G 6-3 312 Oklahoma
Mistake, I like Jean-Gilles as an OG better, and would have gone Justice Can't argue - Bucs most pressing need and were also scared away from Justice.
24 24 Cincinnati 
Joseph, Johnathan CB 5-11 192 South Carolina
Can't argue, Joseph can be a #1 CB, but I would have gone TE Lewis, or even DT Watson. Agree with selection
25 25 Pittsburgh 
Holmes, Santonio WR 5-11 187 Ohio State
Can't argue, but I like Jackson more than Holmes Agree with selection
26 26 Buffalo
McCargo, John DT 6-2 301 North Carolina State
Mistake, MCargo is okay, but if trading up should have gone with C Jackson Can't argue, the need was there, but did they reach high or was he next on a lot of baords?
27 27 Carolina 
Williams, DeAngelo RB 5-9 213 Memphis
Agree with selection Agree with selection
28 28 Jacksonville 
Lewis, Marcedes TE 6-6 262 UCLA
Agree with selection Agree with selection
29 29 N.Y. Jets
Mangold, Nick C 6-4 299 Ohio State
Agree with selection Agree with selection
30 30 Indianapolis 
Addai, Joseph RB 5-11 215 Louisiana State
Agree with selection Can't argue, need again was there, but do not like Addai as a 1st rounder
31 31 Seattle 
Jennings, Kelly CB 5-11 179 Miami (Fla.)
Agree with selection Agree with selection
32 32 N.Y. Giants 
Kiwanuka, Mathias DE 6-6 265 Boston College
Mistake, too high for Kiwi, how about Jackson, Moss, or Justice?? and ? Can't argue, I would have liked an offensive playmaker like C Jackson or Moss, but can never have too many good pass rushers.
# Sel# Team Player Jay Goldberg's as GM
1 33 Houston 
Ryans, DeMeco OLB 6-1 235 Alabama
Can't argue, Ryans is an upgrade, but why has Justice fallen so far?
2 34 Cleveland 
Jackson, D'Qwell ILB 6-0 229 Maryland
Agree with selection
3 35 Washington 
McIntosh, Roger 'Rocky' OLB 6-2 236 Miami (Fla.)
Agree with selection
4 36 New England 
Jackson, Chad WR 6-1 212 Florida
Agree with selection
5 37 Atlanta 
Williams, Jimmy CB 6-2 214 Virginia Tech
Agree with selection
6 38 Oakland 
Howard, Thomas OLB 6-3 240 Texas-El Paso
Agree with selection
7 39 Philadelphia
Justice, Winston OT 6-6 320 Southern California
Agree with selection
8 40 Detroit 
Bullocks, Daniel SS 6-0 213 Nebraska
Agree with selection
9 41 Arizona 
Lutui, Taitusi 'Deuce' G 6-4 333 Southern California
Can't argue, but I like Jean-Gilles better
10 42 Chicago 
Manning, Danieal SS 5-11 201 Abilene Christian
Can't argue, but I like Simpson better as a FS, Marshall as CB
11 43 New Orleans 
Harper, Roman FS 6-0 197 Alabama
Mistake, they have more needs to fill than at safety, and at safety I like Simpson, Watkins a little more; Hodge should have been the pick
12 44 N.Y. Giants 
Moss, Sinorice WR 5-8 184 Miami (Fla.)
Agree with selection
13 45 Tennessee  
White, LenDale RB 6-0 237 Southern California
Mistake, they need a RT, McNeill would have been my pick; white could be a bust
14 46 St. Louis 
Klopfenstein, Joe TE 6-6 256 Colorado
Agree with selection
15 47 Green Bay
Colledge, Daryn OT 6-4 298 Boise State
Can't argue, but I like McNeill better at OT, and Jean-Gilles at OG
16 48 Minnesota 
Griffin, Cedric CB 6-0 198 Texas
Agree with selection
17 49 N.Y. Jets 
Clemens, Kellen QB 6-2 223 Oregon
Mistake, Brodie Croyle will be a star
18 50 San Diego 
McNeill, Marcus OT 6-7 337 Auburn
Agree with selection
19 51 Minnesota
Cook, Ryan C 6-7 327 New Mexico
Can't argue, Cook is versatile backup, but this is too high, but with no third round pick is understandable
20 52 Green Bay
Jennings, Greg WR 5-11 196 Western Michigan
Agree with selection
21 53 Dallas 
Fasano, Anthony TE 6-4 258 Notre Dame
Can't argue, but second round is high for blocking TE in two TE offense, Wilkinson, GoCong or B Williams may have been better
22 54 Kansas City 
Pollard, Bernard SS 6-2 223 Purdue
Mistake, Pollard is another safety who can't cover, KC has two of those starting already; Simpson hits and covers and would have been my pick
23 55 Cincinnati 
Whitworth, Andrew OT 6-7 327 Louisiana State
Can't argue, Whitworth is a good player, but think how nice Watson would look in the middle of their defensive line
24 56 Baltimore 
Chester, Chris C 6-3 302 Oklahoma
Agree with selection
25 57 Chicago 
Hester, Devin WR 5-11 189 Miami (Fla.)
Can't argue, but I would have gone Pope or Byrd
26 58 Carolina 
Marshall, Richard CB 5-11 188 Fresno State
Agree with selection
27 59 Tampa Bay 
Trueblood, Jeremy OT 6-8 315 Boston College
Mistake, I like Winston and Scott better, in fact Justice in round one and Jean-Gilles here would have been better
28 60 Jacksonville 
Drew, Maurice RB 5-7 206 UCLA
Mistake, too limited a player for round two; Pearman is fine as third-down back; DE Anderson would have been my pick
29 61 Denver 
Scheffler, Tony TE 6-5 255 Western Michigan
Can't argue, but Putzier was let go because he could catch but not block; Scheffler is very similar
30 62 Indianapolis 
Jennings, Tim CB 5-8 186 Georgia
Can't argue, but I like Byrum better as a nickel corner
31 63 Seattle 
Tapp, Darryl DE 6-1 251 Virginia Tech
Agree with selection
32 64 Minnesota  
Jackson, Tarvaris QB 6-2 225 Alabama State
Can't argue, Jackson has great raw skills, but Croyle is more of a sure thing and would have been my pick
# Sel# Team Player Jay Goldberg's as GM
1 65 Houston 
Spencer, Charles OG 6-5 351 Pittsburgh
Can't argue, but where is Jean-Gilles, he would be a steal here
2 66 Houston
Winston, Eric OT 6-6 311 Miami (Fla.)
Agree with selection
3 67 Green Bay 
Hodge, Abdul ILB 6-0 235 Iowa
Mistake, not because of Hodge, but with Hawk and Barnett where is Hodge going to play?  The SAM?  DT Watson would have been my pick
4 68 St. Louis  
Wroten, Claude DT 6-2 303 Louisiana State
Can't argue, as long as he keeps away from the weed
5 69 Oakland 
McQuistan, Paul G 6-6 313 Weber State
Can't argue, but may be a little high for McQuistan; I like Scott better
6 70 Buffalo
Youboty, Ashton CB 6-0 188 Ohio State
Agree with selection
7 71 Philadelphia  
Gocong, Chris DE 6-2 264 Cal Poly
Agree with selection
8 72 Arizona 
Pope, Leonard TE 6-8 257 Georgia
Agree with selection
9 73 Chicago  
Dvoracek, Dusty DT 6-3 305 Oklahoma
Agree with selection
10 74 Detroit 
Calhoun, Brian RB 5-9 202 Wisconsin
Mistake, Calhoun too much like K Jones, with Backus not back yet, OT Scott would make sense
11 75 Green Bay 
Spitz, Jason C 6-3 304 Louisville
Can't argue, but Jean-Gilles would be a steal
12 76 N.Y. Jets
Schlegel, Anthony ILB 6-0 251 Ohio State
Mistake, too high for Schlegel even though he has more value for a 3-4 team, ILB Wilkinson or DT Watson would have been my pick
13 77 St. Louis 
Alston, Jon OLB 6-1 224 Stanford
Agree with selection
14 78 Cleveland 
Wilson, Travis WR 6-2 213 Oklahoma
Mistake, D Williams will be a much better NFL player
15 79 Atlanta 
Norwood, Jerious RB 6-0 203 Mississippi State
Can't argue, but I have a slight personal preference for Harrison who could be grabbed on day two
16 80 Jacksonville 
Ingram, Clint OLB 6-2 245 Oklahoma
Mistake, too high for Ingram, Gaither would have been my pick
17 81 San Diego 
Whitehurst, Charlie QB 6-5 222 Clemson
Can't argue, I have doubts about Rivers too; however, I would have drafted D Williams
18 82 Miami 
Hagan, Derek WR 6-2 209 Arizona State
Can't argue, however, I like D Williams better
19 83 Pittsburgh 
Smith, Anthony FS 6-0 193 Syracuse
Agree with selection
20 84 San Francisco  
Williams, Brandon WR 5-9 180 Wisconsin
Agree with selection
21 85 Kansas City 
Croyle, Brodie QB 6-3 204 Alabama
Agree with selection
22 86 New England 
Thomas, Dave TE 6-3 239 Texas
Mistake, with Graham and Watson, Thomas is a luxury, L Williams or Dobbins would be good ILBs in the Pats 3-4 scheme
23 87 Baltimore  
Pittman, David CB 5-11 182 Northwestern State
Agree with selection
24 88 Carolina
Anderson, James OLB 6-3 230 Virginia Tech
Agree with selection
25 89 Carolina 
Butler, Rashad OT 6-5 292 Miami (Fla.)
Mistake, are OTs I like better such as Scott and Whimper
26 90 Tampa Bay 
Stovall, Maurice WR 6-4 218 Notre Dame
Agree with selection
27 91 Cincinnati 
Rucker, Frostee DE 6-3 267 Southern California
Mistake, Anderson is a future star at DE who would have been a steal at this spot in the draft
28 92 Dallas  
Hatcher, Jason DE 6-6 283 Grambling State
Can't argue, but Wilkinson is still on the board (see last round) and D Williams is also available
29 93 St. Louis
Byrd, Dominique TE 6-2 256 Southern California
Agree with selection
30 94 Indianapolis 
Keiaho, Freddie ILB 5-11 227 San Diego State
Mistake, Nande is custom made for the Colts defense
31 95 Pittsburgh
Reid, Willie WR 5-11 187 Florida State
Mistake, D Williams should have been pick as a receiver, McNeal or Robinson could have been intriguing as QBs moving to WR
32 96 N.Y. Giants
Wilkinson, Gerris ILB 6-3 239 Georgia Tech
Can't argue, because he is good value, but Watson would have been my pick
33 97 N.Y. Jets
Smith, Eric FS 6-1 209 Michigan State
Mistake, the Jets are deep and have quality at safety, I would have gone Watson as a NT, or Harris as a 3-4 DE.