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Note: Players that popped from the Inta Juice All Star Game, Hula Bowl, East-West Shrine, and Senior Bowl  All Star Games follow.  Observations from Senior Bowl practices (and the Combine) will be in the player capsules under player news.


Hollenbach  QB Maryland Played a good game.  Showed good movement in the pocket, made good decisions (for the most part), put mustard on short passes when needed, and was accurate.
Terry RB Sam Houston St A recent convert from linebacker, Terry looked very good in the game.  He ran hard, showed quick cutting ability and good moves.
Smith RB Rice Smith had ups and downs in the game, but is a strong kid who can break tackles and had some nice runs.
Anderson FB Tennessee Anderson looked great.  He showed the complete package.  He caught the ball extremely well, blocked well, and showed good ability as a short-yardage and goal-line runner.
Ziegler WR Baylor This kid really caught my eye.  Depending upon his workout numbers he could be a sleeper in the draft.  He showed excellent hands, good moves, made nice ball adjustments, got open deep, and was even used on a trick play to throw the ball.
Trannon WR Michigan State Trannon has good size and showed good hands and the ability to go up and get the ball.  He made some of the QBs look better than they were.
Robinson WR/Ret Miami (Oh) Robinson returned punts and kickoffs and he looked fast.  He was okay as a receiver, but appears to have potential as backup receiver and return man.
Lee DT Alabama Lee was all over the field and probably put himself on some NFL teams' radars with his performance in this game.  Lee showed pursuit, good reactions, and good pass-rush ability.
Meekins DT Rutgers Meekins played well in the game.  He is a playmaker.  He is an undersized defensive tackle who may have to move to defensive end, or if he has the measureables, to inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense to make an NFL roster.
Vedder S San Jose State Vedder caught my eye on defense in much the same way Ziegler did on offense.  He showed good ball skills, hustled all over the field, showed speed in pursuit, and played a "heady" game.  I can't wait to see his workout numbers.


Proctor QB Clemson Easily had the best game of all the quarterbacks.  Proctor is a tough kid, has showed pocket awareness, managed the game well, was accurate throwing, and played well with the game on the line.
Whitlock RB/KR Southern Illinois Whitlock looked quick, made sharp cuts, looked good catching the ball, and ran well.  He also showed good kick return skills.
Wright RB Fresno State Wright showed a good combination of speed and strength.  He got to the corner, and ran well inside finding the hole.  He looked to have very quick feet.
Figurs WR/KR/PR Kansas State Figurs was the best player in the game.  He is an explosive  playmaker as both a receiver and return man.  He is very fast, very quick, and stops and cuts on a dime.  He got open deep, showed good hands catching the ball, and ran well on a reverse.  Should be an excellent slot receiver and return man in the NFL.
McFoy WR USC McFoy didn't get many chances, but made two outstanding catches, one showing a combination of excellent hands making a tough catch while also displaying toughness hanging onto the ball when he got creamed.  His workout numbers will go a long way to determining his draft status.
Smith WR Tennessee Smith showed good all around skills, but also displayed areas where he can improve.  He made a nice tackle on special teams, made a couple of catches including an incredible catch on a two-point play, but also had a drop when a corner was physical with him, and ran too close to the sidelines on a deep pattern.
Alama-Francis/Purcell DEs Hawaii Both players showed pass rush ability during the game.
Shaw LB Penn State Shaw played the run well in the game.  He made some big hits and also played well on special team coverage units.
Gaston CB Houston The best defensive player in the game.  Gaston showed excellent cover skills, good ball skills.  He had an interception (taken away when a penalty was called - not on him) and was heads up recovering a fumble.  He can cover and has a nose for the ball, what's not to like?
Patten FS Virginia Tech Patten seemed to position himself well all day and tackled well.  Looks like a heady player
Garcia CB Nevada-Reno Garcia appeared to have a target on his back at times during the game, but held his own.  He is a scrappy player who came up with two interceptions and looks like the type of player who will go to a NFL camp as a late round pick, or free agent (workout numbers pending) and surprise.  He may be better as a centerfield-type free safety.


Rowe QB Nevada Had some good and bad throws, but overall played a good game, throwing deep and short and showing good mobility.
Tate QB Iowa A bit inconsistent, but showed he could move on the pocket and throw accurately on the move.  Made some nice throws.
Baylark RB Massachusetts Showed good speed and cutting ability and that he can catch the ball.  Was okay between the tackles.
Lau FB Boise State Did little running or catching in college.  Was a blocker.  But he ran tough and showed good hands catching the ball in the game.  A nice surprise.
Ball WR New Hampshire The best offensive player in the game.  Ball showed great hands, good wide receiver tools in coming back to the ball to make tough catches, leaping ability and made of the best catches you'll see anywhere.  This kid is the real deal.
Breaston WR/PR Michigan Breaston showed good hands catching the ball and solid punt return skills despite muffing a punt.
Bazuin DE Central Michigan Was the best defensive player in the game.  Bazuin is a natural pass rusher and was in the quarterbacks' faces often during the game.
Ryan DT Michigan State Ryan played the run well all day and had an excellent sack when he got quick penetration and caught a quarterback as he was starting to move out of the pocket.
Olajubutu LB Arkansas Showed excellent quickness to the ball, and good tackling skills.
DeOssie LB Brown Was a star on special teams, making lots of tackles.  He also had a solid game at linebacker.
Smith LB Syracuse Smith played the run well during the game, especially in pursuit.
Brackenridge CB Washington State Brackenridge played well both coming up to play the run and defending the pass.


Stanton QB Michigan State Based on the game only, Stanton was the only quarterback who showed potential NFL starting caliber skills.  He made some nice throws, was accurate, moved well in the pocket and threw a beautiful fade pass for a TD
Hunt RB Penn State Hunt showed he was a strong runner with quick feet, who isn't afraid of contact and can take on tacklers and pick up yards.  He also caught the ball well.
Leonard RB/FB Rutgers Leonard is a tough kid who showed, at a minimum, he can be an excellent short yardage and red zone back.  He picked up yards after first contact.  He also caught the ball well and showed nice moves after the catch.
Hill WR Washington St. Hill looks like a player. He had an excellent run on a reverse, showing speed and elusiveness, then had a great catch for a TD, getting open and adjusting to and grabbing a ball thrown a little off target.  He did have a drop late in the pouring rain, but all in all I think this kid has a good NFL future. 
Clowney WR Virginia Tech Clowney made a couple of good grabs, including a tough catch where he showed escellent hands.
McKnight WR Notre Dame McKnight showed the ability to get open and catch the ball.  He had a nice game.
Brown OT Penn State Dominated in pass blocking all day.  Brown  solidified a spot in the top ten of the draft.
Beekman OG Boston College Beekman showed the ability to get out, pull, and make blocks in the running game.
Carriker DE Nebraska This giant of a man showed excellent pass rush skills and good speed running down QBs moving full speed out of the pocket.
Spencer DE/OLB Purdue Spencer also showed good pass rushing skills.
Moore DE/OLB Nebraska Early, Moore got two gift sacks when he wasn't blocked.  Those plays didn't get him on this list.  Later he had a sack and pressure where he was being blocked.  Those plays are what got him on the list
Okoye DT Louisville Okoye is a young, relatively-light defensive tackle who showed he is an exceptional athlete who can get after the quarterback.
Brown DT Miami Brown penetrated and stuffed the run all day.  He looked very good.
Harris LB Michigan Harris made tackles against the run, on special teams, and made an excellent play diagnosing and stopping a screen pass.
Willis LB Mississippi Willis was all over the field making big hits.
Hall CB Michigan Hall looked very good in pass coverage during the game.
Wade CB Tennessee Wade played well in pass coverage.
Coe CB Alabama State Coe had a nice hit on special teams, looked good in coverage, and had an interception.
Wilson CB Maryland Wilson looked good in coverage.
Meriweather S/CB Miami Meriweather impressed me the most on defense in the game.  He hit like a safety and covered like a corner.  He will be a very valuable asset to the NFL team that drafts him.