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Three Round, Draft-in-Progress, Pick-by-Pick Draft Review
links are to NFL.com write-ups
NOTE - these are my initial impressions as the picks were made - 
my thoughts may change when I do my detailed analysis.


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 1 Oakland  Russell, JaMarcus QB Louisiana State Agree with selection
2 2 Detroit  Johnson, Calvin WR Georgia Tech Can't argue but Adams would have looked good
in Detroit uniform 
3 3 Cleveland  Thomas, Joe OT Wisconsin Can't argue but Peterson would have been my
4 4 Tampa Bay  Adams, Gaines DE Clemson Agree with selection
5 5 Arizona  Brown, Levi OT Penn State Agree with selection
6 6 Washington  Landry, LaRon FS Louisiana State Mistake, not because Landry isn't worth the
spot, but because he is too similar to Taylor;
Anderson or Okoye would have been my pick.
7 7 Minnesota  Peterson, Adrian RB Oklahoma Agree with selection
8 8 Atlanta Anderson, Jamaal DE Arkansas Agree with selection
9 9 Miami  Ginn Jr., Ted WR Ohio State Agree with selection
10 10 Houston Okoye, Amobi DT Louisville Mistake, passed on another potential franchise
running back in Lynch; Green is past his prime.
11 11 San Francisco  Willis, Patrick ILB Mississippi Can't argue, Branch has really dropped but the
big guy in the middle of the Niner defense
would have been nice.
12 12 Buffalo  Lynch, Marshawn RB California Agree with selection
13 13 St. Louis  Carriker, Adam DE Nebraska Agree with selection
14 14 N.Y. Jets Revis, Darrelle CB Pittsburgh Can't argue, but Houston is the number one CB
on my board.
15 15 Pittsburgh  Timmons, Lawrence OLB Florida State Agree with selection
16 16 Green Bay  Harrell, Justin DT Tennessee Mistake, I like Branch better (I know he's
dropped on many draft boards) and I would
have gone TE Olsen.
17 17 Denver Moss, Jarvis DE Florida Can't argue, but is he too similar to Dumervil?
18 18 Cincinnati  Hall, Leon CB Michigan Mistake, I read the Bengals said they were
going to pass on Branch before the draft, but if
any team needs a big body in the middle of 
their defense its the Bengals.
19 19 Tennessee  Griffin, Michael FS Texas Can't argue because of problems with Pacman,
but Meriweather is a better fit alongside Hope.
20 20 N.Y. Giants  Ross, Aaron CB Texas Can't argue, corner was the Giants' #1 need, 
but Houston is going to be Pro Bowl level.
21 21 Jacksonville Nelson, Reggie FS Florida Agree with selection
22 22 Cleveland Quinn, Brady QB Notre Dame Agree with selection
23 23 Kansas City  Bowe, Dwayne WR Louisiana State Agree with selection
24 24 New England Meriweather, Brandon FS Miami (Fla.) Agree with selection
25 25 Carolina Beason, Jon OLB Miami (Fla.) Can't argue, but I like Harris better and
Spencer opposite Peppers with Rucker in 
decline would have been interesting.
26 26 Dallas Spencer, Anthony DE Purdue Agree with selection
27 27 New Orleans  Meachem, Robert WR Tennessee Can't argue, but Houston, Harris, Branch,
Posluszny would have upgraded their defense
and good receivers will be on the board in 
round three.
28 28 San Francisco Staley, Joe OT Central Michigan Can't argue, Staley has good potential, but 
here I would have gone Branch for the 
middle of the Niniers' defense.
29 29 Baltimore  Grubbs, Ben G Auburn Agree with selection
30 30 San Diego  Davis, Craig WR Louisiana State Mistake, Davis is a reach; if the Chargers
wanted to reach for a receiver here it 
should have been Hill - he will be great!
31 31 Chicago  Olsen, Greg TE Miami (Fla.) Mistake, this is not a knock on Olsen who will
upgrade their offense, but Posluszny is the
ideal replacement for Briggs and would, at
least made his potential holdout a no big thing.
32 32 Indianapolis  Gonzalez, Anthony WR Ohio State Mistake, and I love Gonzalez as a player; the
Colts could have gone receiver later, I don't
have the same confidence they do in Keiaho;
again, Posluszny would have been my pick.


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 33 Arizona   Branch, Alan DT Michigan Agree with selection
2 34 Buffalo   Posluszny, Paul OLB Penn State Agree with selection
3 35 Tampa Bay  Sears, Arron OT Tennessee Agree with selection
4 36 Philadelphia   Kolb, Kevin QB Houston Mistake, first if going QB, Kolb would not
have been my choice, second, Houston is 
the player I would have grabbed.
5 37 San Diego   Weddle, Eric SS Utah Can't argue, but gave up too much to move
up to get him.
6 38 Oakland   Miller, Zach TE Arizona State Mistake, not because Miller isn't a good fit,
but with one left tackle still on the board
Ugoh should have been the pick.
7 39 Atlanta   Blalock, Justin OT Texas Agree with selection
8 40 Miami  Beck, John QB Brigham Young Mistake, the Dolphins will regret not taking
Stanton or Edwards, both will be better QBs
than Beck.
9 41 Atlanta   Houston, Chris CB Arkansas Agree with selection
10 42 Indianapolis   Ugoh, Tony G Arkansas Can't argue, but if the Colts went Posluszny
in round one, Gonzalez would have been 
available here; but Ugoh is a solid pick.
11 43 Detroit   Stanton, Drew QB Michigan State Agree with selection
12 44 Minnesota   Rice, Sidney WR South Carolina Can't argue, but Hill is going to be a big-time
NFL player.
13 45 Carolina  Jarrett, Dwayne WR Southern California Agree with selection
14 46 Pittsburgh  Woodley, LaMarr DE Michigan Agree with selection
15 47 N.Y. Jets   Harris, David ILB Michigan Agree with selection
16 48 Jacksonville  Durant, Justin ILB Hampton Can't argue, but Smith would have been a
good pick here as well.
17 49 Cincinnati  Irons, Kenny RB Auburn Mistake, the Bengals need defense, a change
of pace back could be found later; there are
some good DEs on the board, and if they 
went Branch in round one, they could have
gone CB Wilson here.
18 50 Tennessee  Henry, Chris RB Arizona Mistake, should have gone Pittman, he is the
next best runner behind Peterson and 
19 51 N.Y. Giants  Smith, Steve WR Southern California Mistake, and I like Smith; there will be better
receivers in three than offensive tackles; 
Marten would have been my pick.
20 52 St. Louis  Leonard, Brian FB Rutgers Agree with selection
21 53 Cleveland   Wright, Eric CB Nevada-Las Vegas Can't argue, based on talent, hopefully his
off-field problems are behind him
22 54 Kansas City  McBride, Turk DT Tennessee Mistake, too light for tackle, not a good
enough pass rusher to be a difference
maker at end; with Allen out first 4 games, I
would have gone Crowder or Abiamiri.
23 55 Seattle  Wilson, Josh CB Maryland Agree with selection
24 56 Denver  Crowder, Tim DE Texas Can't argue, but this is the second DE 
drafted by Denver; at least Crowder is a 
two-way end.
25 57 Philadelphia  Abiamiri, Victor DE Notre Dame Agree with selection
26 58 Detroit   Alama-Francis, Ikaika DE Hawaii Agree with selection
27 59 Carolina   Kalil, Ryan C Southern California Agree with selection
28 60 Miami   Satele, Samson C Hawaii Mistake, Hadnot is fine at center and I would 
have gone Beekman or Alleman.
29 61 Detroit   Alexander, Gerald FS Boise State Mistake, especially if keeping him at safety,
will be better at corner in Detroit's system
but is too high for Alexander either way; at
CB I like Wade, Young, Bennett, McCauley
30 62 Chicago  Bazuin, Dan DE Central Michigan Mistake, with questions about Benson (at
least by me), Pittman would have been my
31 63 Green Bay   Jackson, Brandon RB Nebraska Can't argue, they need a running back and 
Pittman is not a good match to pair with
Morency, if they want him to be part of
their running back rotation.
32 64 Tampa Bay   Piscitelli, Sabby SS Oregon State Agree with selection


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 65 Oakland  Moses, Quentin DE Georgia Can't argue, he could be a steal, but where is
the offensive line help?
2 66 New Orleans  Young, Usama CB Kent State Agree with selection
3 67 Dallas   Marten, James OT Boston College Can't argue, but WR Jason Hill would have
looked good in a Cowboy's uniform at this
4 68 Tampa Bay  Black, Quincy OLB New Mexico Agree with selection
5 69 Arizona  Davis, Buster ILB Florida State Agree with selection
6 70 Denver   Harris, Ryan OT Notre Dame Can't argue, as long as the Broncos' can get
back into the mix early in day two to get a
LB like DeOssie; otherwise they should 
have reached slightly here for one.
7 71 Miami  Booker, Lorenzo RB Florida State Agree with selection
8 72 Minnesota  McCauley, Marcus CB Fresno State Agree with selection
9 73 Houston  Jones, Jacoby WR Lane Mistake, I watched him closely in the post 
season because of the hype - he is no 
Colston; clearly Jason Hill should have been
the pick.
10 74 Baltimore   Figurs, Yamon WR Kansas State Agree with selection
11 75 Atlanta  Robinson, Laurent WR Illinois State Can't argue, he has size and speed, and I 
like him, but I'll take my track record with
WRs over Atlanta's; they will be 
disappointed they passed on Hill, but not as
much as Houston; Robinson will be okay.
12 76 San Francisco  Hill, Jason WR Washington State Agree with selection
13 77 Pittsburgh  Spaeth, Matt TE Minnesota Can't argue, but is a blocking TE who can 
catch worth this spot in the draft for the
Steelers' when they have Miller?
14 78 Green Bay  Jones, James WR San Jose State Mistake, he's okay, but Clowney and Allison
are much better options.
15 79 Jacksonville  Walker, Mike WR Central Florida Mistake, sure Walker is bit faster than
Clowney and Allison, but they also ran sub-
4.4 forties; Clowney would have been my
    Cincinnati         Took Ahmed Brooks in supplemental draft.
17 80 Tennessee  Williams, Paul WR Fresno State Mistake, I feel like a broken record, although
Williams makes more sense than Walker and
the two Jones; another team where I'll take
my track record for receivers.
18 81 N.Y. Giants  Alford, Jay DT Penn State Mistake, come on, Alford is a good kid who
will be a productive NFL player, as a
versatile sub; why give up on potential
starters here?; I like his teammate Shaw,
who could push to start at OLB much better,
or a slew of solid offensive lineman.
19 82 Kansas City   Tyler, DeMarcus 'Tank' DT North Carolina State Agree with selection
20 83 Carolina  Johnson, Charles DE Georgia Agree with selection
21 84 St. Louis   Wade, Jonathan CB Tennessee Agree with selection
22 85 Seattle  Mebane, Brandon DT California Can't argue, Mebane is needed, but TE
Patrick would have been intriguing here as
23 86 Baltimore   Yanda, Marshall G Iowa Can't argue, but Barnes would have been
interesting as a potential replacement for
24 87 Philadelphia   Bradley, Stewart OLB Nebraska Agree with selection
25 88 New Orleans  Alleman, Andy G Akron Agree with selection
26 89 Green Bay   Rouse, Aaron SS Virginia Tech Agree with selection
27 90 Philadelphia  Hunt, Tony RB Penn State Can't argue, but don't expect more than
short yardage form Hunt who lacks speed;
I would have taken a chance on Bush here,
with Buckhalter back for a year they could
have afforded to wait a year for
Westbrook's backup; and he has more 
upside than Hunt.
28 91 Oakland   Henderson, Mario OT Florida State Mistake, they need a tackle, but I like
Koets, Free, Barbre much better.
29 92 Buffalo   Edwards, Trent QB Stanford Agree with selection
30 93 Chicago   Wolfe, Garrett RB Northern Illinois Mistake, and the worst kind, a repeat
mistake, Wolfe is no more than a change of
pace back; Pittman would be their savior
after Benson fails to be the dominate back
the Bears are counting on.
31 94 Chicago  Okwo, Michael ILB Stanford Mistake, the Bears like Okwo more than me;
I would have gone DeOssie, Waters, or 
Alexander at this spot better as future
starters for the Bears.
32 95 Indianapolis  Hughes, Daymeion CB California Can't argue, but he lacks speed, something
the Colts' defense cherishes.
33 96 San Diego   Waters, Anthony ILB Clemson Agree with selection
34 97 San Francisco McDonald, Ray DT Florida Agree with selection
35 98 Indianapolis   Pitcock, Quinn DT Ohio State Agree with selection
36 99 Oakland   Higgins, Johnnie Lee WR Texas-El Paso Can't argue, if using him as a return man,
but Clowney has the mad speed that Davis
craves and will be a very good NFL WR.