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updated: 4/27/07 - now 3 rounds

Pick Team Pick Comment
1. Oakland Russell
The Raiders need a quarterback and Russell has the big arm that Davis likes.  He is also a big kid who will be able to take the beating he'll get from the Raiders' porous offensive line.  If Randy Moss decides to give the kid a chance, Russell could be ideal for resurrecting his career.  Russell throws the deep ball very well.
Pick history: Russell, Russell, Russell
2. Detroit Adams
Adams and the Lions are a match that makes sense and one that should happen.  For it to happen the Lions will have to trade down, #2 is a bit too high for the best defensive end in the draft.  The potential trade of Briggs to Washington will have a major impact on Detroits' trade partners.  If the Redskins stay at #6, the Lions cannot risk trading to a team below them since they also need a pass rusher and could target Adams.  However, they could be a potential trade partner, moving up to #2 to grab Johnson ahead of Tampa Bay.  My one change, is that I now expect Tampa Bay to move up to grab Johnson.
Pick history: Adams, Adams, Adams
3 Cleveland Peterson
Peterson's Combine workout makes him the pick although Thomas will be tempting (which will help grease the wheels for the trade between Detroit and Arizona).  Many mock drafts now have the Browns selecting Quinn.  However, the Browns want to win now.  Look for QB Trent Green to wind up in Cleveland, not Miami, and for the Browns to draft Peterson, who is the next NFL stud running back.  Having Jamal Lewis will have no impact on the selection of Peterson.  He has become one of those "good, but replaceable" running backs (much like the departed Droughns).
Pick history: Thomas, Peterson, Peterson
4 Tampa Bay Johnson
Georgia Tech
No team is rooting for the Briggs to Washington trade more than the Bucs.  If the Redskins stay at #6 they are a threat to trade with Detroit to jump ahead of them and select Johnson.  Even if the Bears would like to do the same thing, I can't see the Lions trading with their NFC North rivals.  Despite all the recent Gruden talk, if Peterson is on the board as well as Johnson, Johnson will be the pick.  Now expect the Bucs to move up to #2 to grab Johnson.
Pick history: Johnson, Johnson, Johnson
5. Arizona Thomas
Thomas is the player the Cards want but they will probably have to trade with Detroit to get him.  If Detroit stays at 2 and drafts Thomas then the Cards may look to drop a few spots to draft Levi Brown.  If they stay at #5 and Thomas is off the board, they could reach for Brown.
Pick history: Brown, Thomas, Thomas
6. Washington Okoye
The two players the Redskins want the most, Johnson and Adams are off the board.  Previously, I had them selecting Anderson, and while that is still a possibility, he appears to be slipping a bit.  While a big body run-stuffing DT like Branch is what the Redskins need, he is falling further than Anderson on many draft boards.  Okoye is a young player with excellent athleticism for a defensive tackle and, because of his youth, can get even bigger.  In addition to his ability to play the run, Okoye has pass rush skills which is also a need for Washington.
Pick history: Anderson, Anderson, Okoye
7. Minnesota Quinn
Notre Dame
The Vikings got burned with the speedster Williamson, so I don't think they'll go for Ginn Jr.  Quinn has too much upside for a team without a sure thing for now or the future to pass up.  Looks like the trade up for Jackson was a mistake last year.
Pick history: Jarrett, Quinn, Quinn
8. Atlanta Landry
Landry had a great workout showing tremendous speed to go with his on-field talent.  Landry can play in the box, and has the speed to cover slot receivers when needed.  Long term he may be a better strong safety than free safety, however, he'll step in and start opposite Lawyer Milloy from day one.
Pick history: Nelson, Landry, Landry
9. Miami Ginn Jr.
Ohio State
With Quinn off the board, the Dolphins go for a playmaker on offense.  Ginn Jr. is not my second rated receiver, but he is a perfect fit for the Dolphins.  First, they lost Welker, so Ginn Jr. not only replaces him in that role, but is an upgrade over a good football player.  Second, even if he doesn't have a big stat year, he will make Chris Chambers a more productive football player.  Teams will have to respect Ginn Jr.'s game-breaking speed so a safety will have to shade to his side of the field.  That will open up the big play for Chambers, who also has good speed.   In addition, on third downs the Dolphins can line up Booker and Ginn Jr. on the outside, and move Chambers to the slot where he will be lethal.  So even if Ginn Jr. doesn't catch a lot of balls, he will have a major positive impact on the Dolphins' offense.
Pick history: Quinn, Ginn Jr., Ginn Jr.
10. Houston Staley
Central Michigan
Carr was running for his life more often than not behind the Texans' offensive line.  New starter Schaub was unable to steal some of Vick's speed and quickness on his way out of the Falcon's door.  Therefore, the Texans' will need to protect him better than they did Carr, or he won't fare any better.  The Spencer injury means the Texans need an OLT.  While I like Levi Brown more than Staley, he did not test as well as I expected.  The zone blocking scheme used by the Texans requires quick, athletic offensive lineman.  That fits the fast-rising, former TE Staley to a tee.
Pick history: Peterson, Brown, Staley
11. San Francisco Branch
Last year while the big man Ngata started to slip I said it was a mistake.  This year I'll say the same thing about Branch.  Branch is strong, and has good speed and athleticism for his size. He will be a run-stuffer as a nose in a 3-4, one capable of engaging blockers, keeping the linebackers free to make plays.  The 49ers want to move towards a 3-4 and that defense needs a stud in the middle.  Branch is that guy.
Pick history: Branch, Branch, Branch
12. Buffalo Lynch
When the Bills selected Whitner early in round one last year, most draft analysts blasted them.  I did not.  I liked the pick.  The Bills are a team that gets the new NFL landscape.  Prior to free agency and the salary cap, drafting the best player available made sense.  It was the only way teams could get top players.  Today, the draft is just one way to replenish talent.  Free agency is another option.  In addition, the salary cap means a team cannot afford to have too much money tied up in any position.  Therefore, need is more important than ever when approaching the college draft.  That doesn't mean that a team should reach significantly for a player, but a team should arrange players in groups and choose the player they need most from that group, not the top player or two or three in the group.  Along that line of thinking, Lynch is not the #12 ranked player in the draft, but he is in the next group of 10 to 15 players and fills a major need for the Bills.  Willis is also a strong possibility here, but the Bills plan to move Crowell to the middle and he should be fine there.
Pick history: Willis, Lynch, Lynch
13. St. Louis Anderson
The Rams need a LB, a DT, a pass-rushing DE, and a young WR.  I know they now have DE James Hall, formerly of Detroit, but the Lions' number one need in the draft is a pass-rushing defensive end, so if Hall was the answer, I doubt they would have got rid of him.  Of the Rams' four needs DE and WR have players worth drafting at this spot.  However, there is excellent depth at WR in this draft, so Anderson will be the Rams' pick.
Pick history: Timmons, Timmons, Anderson
14. Carolina Willis
For a team that many thought would go to the Super Bowl last year, this team certainly has a lot of needs.  While many draft analysts point to safety in this spot, there are some interesting options later in the draft (Weddle, Rouse, Piscitelli, Wendling, etc.).  With Rucker, who was slowing down anyway, coming off injury, and long time backup Al Wallace gone, the Panthers suddenly need a defensive end. Carriker is a player I like a lot and still could be the pick.  However, with Morgan not able to stay healthy, and the team in need of a playmaker to replace Witherspoon, Willis makes sense since he can start out at the weakside, and move to the middle if (when?) Morgan gets injured.
Pick history: Rice, Nelson, Willis
15. Pittsburgh Carriker
Carriker is a player I like a lot.  You just don't get DEs who are close to 300 pounds and test out well when compared to smaller athletic ends.  Carriker is relentless, will be stout against the run, and can rush the passer.  In addition, he can play end in both the currebt 3-4, and the 4-3, new coach Tomlins' preferred system, which may be used in the future.  
Pick history: Carriker, Carriker, Hall
16. Green Bay Olsen
While the The Packers need a running back, they will wait to grab one later in the draft.  In olden days Favre liked throwing to tight end Mark Chumura.  Bubba Franks, who showed promise early on his career, has disappointed recently.  Olsen will provide Favre with a reliable weapon at tight end.  Now if the get Randy Moss .....
Pick history: Lynch, Olsen, Olsen
17. Jacksonville Nelson
While DE Charles Johnson is an option, with Grant leaving for Seattle, the Jaguars are left with two thumpers at safety (Darius and Sensabaugh) and could use a playmaking center-field type of safety.  Nelson had 6 interceptions at Florida last season and covers a lot of ground with his sub-4.4 speed.  This choice is not a knock on Sensabaugh, who I believe will be a solid NFL player. He is just more of an in-the-box safety than a true free safety.
Pick history: Ginn Jr, Johnson, Nelson
18. Cincinnati Harrell
The Bengals need help in the middle, badly.  Harrell is a strong, athletic tackle with the talent to be a star in the NFL.  Some teams may have him downgraded on their draft boards because he tore his bicep in his senior year and only played three games.  The Bengals draft Harrrell replacing character risk with injury risk.  This time, however, the risk pays off.
Pick history: Moses, Okoye, Harrell
19. Tennessee Hall
I could see the Titans selecting a receiver like Meachem or Bowe, a safety like Meriweather, or a guard like Grubbs or Blalock.  However, with Jones out for the year, and the top corner Hall still on the board, that is the way the Titans will go. THere will still be good receivers and guards available later in the draft.
Pick history: Okoye, Meachem, Meachem
20. N.Y. Giants Houston
A team needs at least one corner who is above average, doesn't it?  The Giants current cornerbacks, Madison, Webster, McQuarters, and Dockery, bring one word to mind - ehhh.  Houston is my top rated corner in the draft and would immediately become the Giants' top cornerback.  He has the speed, strength, quickness, talent and attitude to be a perennial Pro Bowl player.
Pick history: Ugoh, Hall, Houston
21. Denver Moss
With Willis off the board, the Broncos will wait until round two and hope David Harris is availabl as Al Wilson;s replacement.  If not, there are other options.  The Broncos draft Moss to provide them with the pass rush they desperately need.
Pick history: Pitcock, Ugoh, Willis
22. Dallas Meriweather
This may be a no-brainer if Meriweather is on the board and nobody unexpected falls.  I know the Cowboys' signed Hamlin, but if you watched Seahawk games last year you know that they suffered from the same weakness as the Boys; safeties who had lapses in coverage.  Hamlin is more like Roy Williams than like a true coverage safety.  Meriweather is a safety, who is excellent in pass coverage.  If this scenario happens it wouldn't surprise me if Dallas plays Hamlin at strong safety, Meriweather at weak safety, and Williams in a roving nickel linebacker role on passing downs.
Pick history: Revis, Meriweather, Meriweather
23. Kansas City Jarrett
I expect the Chiefs to draft a wide receiver in this spot.  I've given a lot of thought to which one.  In my many years of covering the draft I've found teams that are on the same wavelength as me (e.g. Denver), and teams that often, are not.  The Chiefs are one of the teams with whom I often do not see eye to eye.  Therefore, I have them drafting Jarrett, a tall, relatively slow receiver who I expect to be more like Reggie Williams (okay) than Mike Williams (flop).  I have a mid-to-late second round grade on Jarrett, who is my ninth ranked wide receiver in the draft.  He will go higher than I have him graded, so what better than to have him drafted by a team I don't always agree with. They will look for Shields replacement in round two.
Pick history: Bowe, Bowe, Jarrett
24. New England Brown
Penn State
The Pats usually don't draft big, strong tackles; they prefer the quick, athletic type.  But they usually don't go after the top players at their position in free agency either (Thomas, Stallworth).  So while Brown is not the usual Patriot tackle in terms of style, he is just too good for them to pass up at this spot on the draft.  Light was a bit inconsistent last year and Brown offers depth, competition, and a future star on the Pats' offensive line.
Pick history: Posluszny, Jarrett, Brown
25. N.Y. Jets Blalock
The Jets continue what they started last year and add to a young, talented offensive line.  Blalock is the choice over Grubbs because he could fit in at either right guard or right tackle.  With Ferguson and Mangold added last year, and Blalock this year, the Jets are a team moving in the right direction.
Pick history: Blalock, Houston, Blalock
26. Philadelphia Revis
The Eagles lost Roderick Hood who has been a solid #3 corner for them for years.  While former Giant William James (Peterson) is on hand, the Giants let him go because of serious back troubles.  Revis will step in immediately as the nickel, and could become a better corner than either Brown or Sheppard.  Remember, the Eagles drafted Brown and Sheppard when Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor were still a top starting duo.
Pick history: Bush, Ross, Revis
27. New Orleans Timmons
Florida State
With the signing of David, the Saints no longer have to go corner at this spot.  While they signed Simmons and have above average linebackers, the Saints don't have a dominate linebacker who can be the face of the defense.  Timmons will be that guy.
Pick history: McCauley, Revis, Ross
28. New England Beason
Look for the Pats to draft Beason and move him to inside linebacker.  Posluzny, could be considered, but he played better as a junior as a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 than he did as a senior playing inside in a 3-4.  Beason is a weakside linebacker who made tackles sideline to sideline in college, but showed only good speed (not top speed) in his workouts.  He could be a perfect fit inside for the Pats.  And don't compare his situation to the Jets' Vilma (who played better in a 4-3 than the 3-4).  Vilma bulked up from his college weight to get to the 230's to play in the middle in the NFL.  Beason played in the 230's at Miami.
Pick history: Meriweather, Willis, Beason
Prior players selected: OT Brown
29. Baltimore Kalil
While it will be tempting to draft a player to replace the departed Thomas at this spot (and players like Moss and Spencer are available and worthy of this spot in the draft), Mangold showed how drafting a top center can help a football team.  Flynn is getting up in age and was overmatched at times last year.  Kalil will come in and start, relegating Flynn to quality reserve.
Pick history: Leonard, Moss, Kalil
30. San Diego Bowe
The Chargers get a steal at the bottom of round one.  Bowe is my #2 rated receiver and will upgrade the entire Charger offense.  He is even one of the better blocking receivers which will help Tomlinson, although he needs very little help.  Bowe will quickly become a favorite target of Philip Rivers.
Pick history: Meachem, Rice, Bowe
31. Chicago Posluszny
Penn State
This is Briggs last year with the Bears.  Posluszny may be the best pure weakside linebacker in the draft.  In an ironic twist, however, if the Bears trade Briggs and swap picks in round one with the Redskins, they would probably lose Posluszny, the ideal replacement for Briggs.  Posluszny would be gobbled up by the Colts who pick next making him (or possible Beason) unavailable for the Bears in round two where they pick fifth in the Redskin's slot.  If the Colts passed on Posluszny (or Beason if he is the player that falls), there is a good chance he (or Beason) would fall to the Bears in round two.  It is this scenario that has the Bears thinking hard on a trade, that on the surface, looks like a no-brainer.
Pick history: Johnson, Posluszny, Posluszny
32. Indianapolis Ross
Earlier I wrote that no team is rooting for a Briggs to Washington trade as much as Tampa Bay.  While that is true, Indy isn't far behind.  If Chicago moves out of position #31 (and Washington into this spot), there is a much better chance that the Colts can get their replacement for Cato June at this spot in the draft.  I know they are talking up Keiaho, but I'm not convinced he will be their guy.  With the top weakside linebackers gone, and Dvaid now joining Harper as ex-Colts, Ross becomes the pick over Smith.
Pick history: Beason, Beason, Smith


Pick Team Pick Comment
33. Oakland Ugoh
After drafting their franchise quarterback in round one, the Raiders must go about the business of protecting the youngster.  The Raiders are moving disappointing to date Robert Gallery back to the right side.  Veteran Barry Sims is slotted for left tackle. Ugoh can push Sims to the bench, or Gallery if he remains a swinging door to the quarterback.
Pick history: Ugoh
Prior players selected: QB Russell
34. Detroit Grubbs
Many projections have the Lions' drafting Edwards at this spot and that is a possibility.   However, only da Raiders allowed more sacks than the Lions last year and they were last in the league in average rush yards averaging an uninspiring 70.6 yards per game and 3.7 yards per rush. With Grubbs still on the board, the Lions (listening to Martz saying his system doesn't need a big time quarterback), the Lions shun Stanton and draft Grubbs, who many have rated the #1 guard in the draft.
Pick history: Grubbs
Prior players selected: DE Adams
35 Tampa Bay Spencer
I can see the Bucs going corner, safety, or defensive end at this spot.  There are certainly quality players worthy of this spot at all three of those positions.  However, with Rice no sure thing to rebound, White gone in free agency, recently signed Kevin Carter's best sack days behind him, and Spires not exactly a sack machine, the Bucs most pressing need at this spot is a pass rushing defensive end.  There are a number of possibilities at this spot, but the Bucs take Spencer who will be better at end in a 4-3 than as an OLB in a 3-4..
Pick history: Moss
Prior players selected: WR Johnson
36. Cleveland Wright
Cleveland could go offensive line here, but Baxter is unable to stay healthy and Kenny Wright and Holly are best served as nickel corners.  Therefore, I have the Browns drafting Eric Wright, who has shot up the draft board based on his tremendous post-season, to pair with Bodden.  For the record, Josh Wilson is the next corner on my board.  He is a terrific player but may drop because of his lack of height.
Pick history: Wright
Prior players selected: RB Peterson
37. Chicago Pittman
Ohio State
If the Bears trade Briggs, then they will still have a need for a weakside linebacker at this spot since their pick in round one at #6 will not be a linebacker.  A sleeper at this spot if Posluszny and Beason are gone in that scenario is Quincy Black of New Mexico.  As it stands now this is a tough call.  The Bears have age and need depth on their offensive line.  They can also use playmakers on offense.  My choice came down to Aaron Sears since he could backup guard and tackle and would be a future starter, Jason Hill a wide receiver I like a lot, and Antonio Pittman a perfect replacement for Thomas Jones.  Obviously I went with Pittman.  I did so because I do not have faith in Cedric Benson and Pittman cannot only can be a compliment to Benson, but he has the ability to be a number 1 back.
Pick history: Pittman
Prior players selected: OLB Posluszny
38. Arizona Johnson
The Cards signing of safety Terrance Holt changed my thinking regarding this pick, and long term, that signing could be a mistake.  As it turns out Michael Griffin is still on the draft board and he would have been a dynamic player to pair with Adrian Wilson, but with Holt on board, the Cards won't go in that direction.  However, Spencer is a nice get as well.  With Berry not being able to stay healthy, a pass-rushing end is needed.  Before the season, if anyone told you Johnson would be drafted ahead of his more heralded teammate Moses you wouldn't have believed it.
Pick history: Spencer
Prior players selected: OT Thomas
39. Atlanta Crowder
The loss of Kerney in free agency leaves a big hole on the Falcons' defensive line.  Playing opposite John Abraham can be a plum assignment because of the double-teams he constantly gets in pass-rushing situations.   Crowder has excellent athleticism.  He will go higher than many have him graded.  However, I like the kid and believe he is worth this spot in the draft.
Pick history: Johnson
Prior players selected: S Landry
40. Miami Griffin
Events leading up to the draft couldn't have worked out better for Miami.  Just a few weeks ago Chicago, Arizona or Atlanta could have selected Griffin ahead of the Dolphins.  However, Chicago traded for Archuleta, Arizona signed Holt, and Atlanta drafted Landry in round one.  The Dolphins secondary needs a major upgrade and Griffin is a good start.  He can be a difference maker.
Pick history: Griffin
Prior players selected: WR Ginn Jr.
41. Minnesota Meachem
The Vikings, with the disappointing, but vision-corrected Williamson, and the okay slot receiver who looks great in practice Wade as the current starters, means Meachem would easily become Minnesota's top target in his rookie year. With the depth at receiver, at least one top receiver is going to fall.  The Vikings are in a perfect spot here to grab the "faller".
Pick history: Hill
Prior players selected: QB Quinn
42. San Francisco Rice
South Carolina
This choice could come down to inside linebacker or wide receiver.  With Lelie added, the 49ers have a speed receiver.  Rice is a good compliment since he has good size and the only thing he is lacking is top speed.  Besides, the 49ers had a lot of success with another wide receiver named Rice.  If the 49ers went linebacker here, David Harris would make sense.
Pick history: Rice
Prior players selected: DT Branch
43. Buffalo Smith
While the Bills could use a linebacker at this spot, the best value on the board at a need position is wide receiver.  The pick could come down to Hill, Smith, and Gonzalez.  While I like Hill, I have the Bills taking Smith who will finally give Buffalo a receiver who can take advantage of the attention opposing defesnes give to Evans.
Pick history: Timmons
Prior players selected: RB Lynch
44. Atlanta Leonard
All I keep reading is how the current Falcon running backs (Dunn, Norwood) are not good fits for new coach Petrino's preferred rushing style.  Most stories writing about this fact also say that his former Louisville player, Michael Bush, is a logical choice to be drafted by his former college coach.  However, Louisville played in the Big East so Petrino is also very familiar with Brian Leonard.  Leonard is also a big strong back, who is faster and a better athlete than Bush, doesn't have his injury concerns, and can be a backup fullback as well.
Pick history: Leonard
Prior players selected: S Landry, DE Crowder
45. Carolina Rouse
Virginia Tech
It is here in round two, that the Panthers draft their safety, not in round one as many project.  There are a number of good safeties available at this spot.  While Eric Weddle has received a lot of attention because he was a favorite of NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, Aaron Rouse is a big safety, with good athleticism and speed, who is a big hitter and has better cover skills than many think.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: LB Willis
46. Pittsburgh Black
New Mexico
Pittsburgh 1s an interesting team to project in the draft on defense.  Is Tomlin committed to to 3-4, or is he looking to move to a 4-3?  I believe he will stay with the 3-4 as long as it's successful, but will want to start having some pieces in place in case he wants to transition to the 4-3.  With than in mind, Black has the size to play inside in a 3-4, and can become a dominate weakside linebacker in a 4-3.  He is one of the fastest, quickest, and athletic linebackers in the draft.
Pick history: Crowder
Prior players selected: DE Carricker
47. Green Bay Weddle
The Packers could go safety or running back in this spot.  At running back, Irons is too similar to Morency and Bush, who would be a good player to pair with Morency, is an injury risk.  Therefore, look for the Pack to address their need at running back in round three, unless they are sold on Combine workout star Chris Henry of Arizona and feel he will be off the board by the time they're up in round three.  Weddle is a smart player who showed more athleticism than expected during his workouts.  He will replace Manuel in the Packers' starting lineup.
Pick history: Weddle
Prior players selected: TE Olsen
48. Jacksonville Gonzalez
Ohio State
The Jaguars top three receivers are all tall, often unreliable, options.  Of the three (Jones, Williams, Wilford), I like Jones' potential the best.  However, a quick, sure-handed receiver would make sense to initially be a reliable, move-the-chains slot receiver, and down-the-line to start opposite Jones.  Gonzalez fits that job description to a tee.  He is a polished route runner, has reliable hands, has good speed and is quick.  He could become "fill in the blank's" (Leftwich, Garrard, Gray) favorite target.
Pick history: Gonzalez
Prior players selected: FS Nelson
49. Cincinnati McCauley
Fresno State
If the Bengals even think of offense at this spot they should replace their general manager immediately.  Getting more talent on defense is a must.  I could see the Bengals going defensive end here since Justin Smith is talking holdout and could be gone next year.  However, with O'Neal slipping and likely to be moved, a young corner to pair with Jefferson, moving Ratliff to the nickel where he belongs, makes sense.  The selection could be Josh Wilson, but McCauley fits the Bengals scheme better.
Pick history: McCauley
Prior players selected: DT Harrell
50. Tennessee Hill
The Titans could go free safety or wide receiver.  Hill is a player I like a lot.  It wouldn't surprise me if he becomes the second best receiver in the draft (behind Johnson).  Hill is a steal here, and a player the Titans' can use.
Pick history: Wendling
Prior players selected: CB Hall
51. N.Y. Giants Marten
Boston College
The Giants could go free safety, running back (a smaller, quick type of back like Irons), linebacker, or tackle.  However, left tackle is their biggest need and an intriguing, fast-rising prospect, Marten is on the board.  The Giants' let Petitgout move on and their current plan is to move former starting guard Dave Diehl to left tackle.  Marten will provide the Giants with a backup plan, and a future starter at left tackle.
Pick history: Marten
Prior players selected: CB Houston
52. St. Louis Tyler
North Carolina St
This pick comes down to a choice between a defensive tackle or a wide receiver who can be #4 now, and be the future replacement for Bruce in a year or two (either as starter or slot receiver with Bennett moving to Bruce's slot).  With better depth at receiver, I look for the Rams to draft Tyler, a very strong kid who can stuff the run.  However, if they drafted wide receiver Allison at this spot I couldn't argue.
Pick history: Tyler
Prior players selected: DE Anderson
53. Dallas Sears
For the second spot in a row, Allison will be considered.  However, with Rivera coming off surgery again, and the jury still out on Kosier, I look for the Cowboys to draft a guard.  The choice could come down to Sears, a college tackle projected to guard in the NFL, or Beekman, currently an underrated prospect who is a true guard.  I have the Cowboys settling on Sears.
Pick history: Sears
Prior players selected: FS Meriweather
54. Kansas City Beekman
Boston College
With Shields retirement, I have the Chiefs moving off the corner at this spot and taking a guard instead.  Beekman is one of the best pure guards in the draft.  He should be a good player for years.
Pick history: Wilson
Prior players selected: WR Jarrett
55. Seattle Miller
Arizona State
The Seahawks are another team that can use a run-stuffing defensive tackle.  But just like with K.C., there isn't a player at that position I have ranked in the next group of players who is a massive run-stuffing defensive tackle (Mebane is a defensive tackle who could be considered at this spot but he is a bit undersized).  With tight end Stevens cut loose, the Seahawks signed and are talking up Pollard, but he hasn't been a top flight tight end since leaving the Colts.  At this point in the draft Miller is a steal.  He is a very good pass catching tight end.
Pick history: Miller
56. Denver D Harris
The Broncos strategy pays off.  Harris is available at this spot in the draft.  At least in my mock.  Harris start6s in the middle in place of the released Al Wilson from day one.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: DE Moss
57. Philadelphia Bush
This is a good spot for Bush.  The Eagles resigned Buckhalter so if Bush is slow to recover, he can spend time on the PUP, or take a year to get back to full strength, while Buckhalter backs up Westbrook.  When Bush gets healthy, he will be a good, power compliment to Westbrook, frustrating Westbrook fantasy football owners who will lose goal line touchdowns to Bush.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: CB Revis
58. New Orleans Patrick
While it would be wise for the Saints to draft more defensive talent, and they signed former 49ers tight end Eric Johnson, Ben Patrick will be too tempting for Coach Peyton to pass up.  He likes two-way tight ends, something the injury-prone Johnson is not (he is mainly a receiver), and Patrick may be the best blocking/receiving combo tight end in the draft.  Patrick has a big upside and will help both the passing and running games of the Saints.
Pick history: Patrick
Prior players selected: LB Timmons
59. N. Y. Jets Wilson
Wilson has a chance to come in and start right away opposite Dyson.  Miller is best suited as a nickel, as is Barrett, Poteat, D Coleman any other of the corners currently on the Jets' roster.  Wilson is an underrated prospect who may fall because he lacks ideal size.  He is a steal at this spot on the draft.
Pick history: Wade
Prior players selected: OG Blalock
60. Miami Stanton
Michigan State
What Miami does in this spot will depend what they do at quarterback over the days leading up to the draft.  Stanton is their pick and becomes the Dolphins' quarterback of the future.  In an ironic twist, this will be the third second round pick the Dolphins spent on a quarterback in recent years (traded second round picks for Feeley and Culpepper).  At least this time it's a player they are selecting in the draft.
Pick history: Stanton
Prior players selected: Ginn Jr., FS/SS Griffin
61. Baltimore Shaw
Penn State
Every now and then a pick looks easy.  I look for the Ravens to replace excellent athlete, former defensive end turned outside linebacker Thomas, with Tim Shaw, a former defensive end who is a great athlete and will play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense in the NFL.  Shaw ran the forty in the 4.4's, ran a short shuttle in running back territory, lifted the bar 26 times, and had one of the better high and broad jumps amongst outside linebackers available in the draft.
Pick history: Shaw
Prior players selected: C Kalil
62. San Diego Piscitelli
Oregon State
This is another spot where a player jumps out at me.  The Chargers have been looking for an in the box strong safety for awhile.  Kiel never lived up to expectations.  Piscitelli is a smart player, with linebacker size, 4.4 speed, wide receiver quickness (3.90 short shuttle), and good strength and athleticism.  He is a hitter, but needs to learn to wrap up better.  Piscitelli will add another unique, and top athlete to the Charger defense.
Pick history: Piscitelli
Prior players selected: WR Bowe
63. N. Y Jets Allison
East Carolina
Personally, I like Clowney a little more than Allison, but that is apparently a minority view.  So if the Jets agree with me the pick will be Clowney not Allison.  While receiver may not appear to be a need for the Jets, I see Coles aging quickly, McCareins leaving one of these offseasons, Smith remaining in a specialty role, and Dwight spending a lot of time in the trainer's room.  Cotchery is the only long term, sure-fire receiver I see on the Jets' roster.  Allison could be the answer opposite Cotchery in a couple of years.
Pick history: Allison
Prior players selected: OG Blalock, Wilson CB
64. Tampa Bay Wendling
Will Allen has not developed as the Bucs had hoped.  He's okay, but very replaceable.  Wendling is an athletic safety who likes to hit.  He is a good fit for the Bucs system.  He is  interchangeable as a weak and strong safety since he has good cover skills for a safety and is a hitter.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: WR Johnson, DE Spencer


Pick Team Pick Comment
65. Oakland Alleman
While guard is not as big a need as tackle was (drafted Ugoh in my mock in round two), the Raiders' young guards didn't exactly create big rushing lanes for the Raiders' running backs.  Both Jordan and Fargas averaged under 4 yards a carry last year.  Alleman is one of the most athletic guards in the draft and has a great upside.
Pick history: Beekman
Prior players selected: QB Russell, OT Ugoh
66. Cleveland Abiamiri
Notre Dame
Abiamiri was inconsistent in college, but at times was a monster.  At 267 he is a bit light for a 3-4 end, but has the frame to add 15 to 20 pounds.  He could find a home on a team that plays the aging Roye and inconsistent Smith as their starting defensive ends.
Pick history: McBean
Prior players selected: RB Peterson, CB Wright
67 Detroit Edwards
I can see the Lions going quarterback or cornerback at this spot.  I know the talk leading up to the draft is Edwards will go at the the top of round two, but between him, Beck and Stanton, one should be available here.  If not I would look for them to draft Tanard Jackson, Fred Bennett, or maybe take a chance on Daymeion Hughes. Edwards is a good match for offensive coordinator Mike Martz' offense.
Pick history: Edwards
Prior players selected: DE Adams, OG Grubbs
68. Tampa Bay Thomas
Thomas has excellent strength and quickness.  However, he had off field troubles at Florida.  The Bucs took a chance on Warren Sapp years ago, and will do so again with Thomas.  He has the ability to be the best defense tackle the Bucs have had since Sapp.  McFarland was solid for awhile, but he is now in Indy.  Thomas should be able to give Wyms a run for his money to start at the under-tackle this year.  Worst best case, Thomas can back up Wyms and Hovan since he has the size/strength to play the nose as well as the athleticism to play the under-tackle.  Worst worst case he spends time in the NFL substance abuse program.
Pick history: Thomas
Prior players selected: WR Johnson, DE Spencer, FS Wendling
69. Arizona Alexander
One of the biggest disappointments over the last few years for me in the draft is the lack of progress of OLB Blackstock.  I thought he was a steal when the Cards drafted him, but he hasn't been able to capture a starting job.  The selection of Alexander will allow Arizona to move Dansby back to the strongside, and relegate Pace to pass rush specialist. Alexander is a football player who performs better on the field than in workouts.
Pick history: Black
Prior players selected: OT Thomas, DE Johnson
70. Denver Figurs
Kansas State
The untimely death of Darrent Williams not only left a hole in the Bronco secondary, but also in their return game.  Figurs may be the fastest player in the draft.  He has excellent return skills and will also be a good fourth receiver.  With Walker, Marshall, Smith and Stokely on board, their is probably only one spot left for a receiver on game day.  That receiver would be Figurs if drafted here, since he would return both punts and kickoffs for Denver.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: DE Moss, LB Harris
71. Miami Yanda
So many needs, which way to go?  I can see the Dolphins looking corner or running back at this spot as well as tackle.  However, tackle is less likely to provide a long term answer after this spot.  There are some interesting offensive tackle prospects on the board.  There are some small school prospects with good athleticism, and some larger school prospect who have flashed top talent, but were inconsistent.  Which one they will like is a bit of a crapshoot, so I gave the Fins the tackle that I like most at this spot.  Yanda needs to bulk up and get a bit stronger, but he is a good athlete for the position, and goes all out every play.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: Ginn Jr., FS/SS Griffin, QB Stanton
72. Minnesota Ramirez
Texas Tech
The Vikings have an excellent left side (through center), and Cook showed some promise at right tackle, but Hicks didn't have as good a year as Minnesota hoped at right guard.  Ramirez is the big, strong guard who could start his rookie year.
Pick history: Alleman
Prior players selected: QB Quinn, WR Meachem
73. Houston Moses
This pick could come down to a pass rushing defensive end or a fast receiver.  There are solid choices at both positions.  Since the Texans took Mario Williams as the top pick overall last year, I look for them to go for the pass rushing defensive end to help out Williams and make their fans less disgusted at the team passing on Bush and Young.  If Moses came out after his junior year he would have been a first round pick.  If the Texans go for a wide receiver, Clowney would be a great, not good pick.
Pick history: Moses
Prior players selected: OT Staley
74. Buffalo Jackson
With Clements leaving, the Bills are turning a starting cornerback spot over to Youboty. Jackson can come in, push Youboty, and provide an alternative as a starter at corner.  Worst case Jackson is a nickel who can backup at corner and safety.  Jackson is a good football player, who performs better than he tests.  Since the Bills like athletic players in their secondary, a sleeper for this spot is Usama Young who has skills and had a tremendous workout.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: RB Lynch, WR Smith
75. Atlanta Wrotto
Georgia Tech
Wrotto is the big, strong guard that is needed for Petrino's power running game.  Fornay is a good player, but a tad small for that style.  Clabo is a bit bigger than Fornay, but was a backup last year.  Wrotto makes a lot of sense at this spot for Atlanta.
Pick history: Ramirez
Prior players selected: S Landry, DE Crowder, RB Leonard
76. San Francisco Davis
Florida State
With Smith getting up in age and second round rated Buster Davis still available, the 49ers get a steal at this spot in the draft.  Davis is a good fit as an inside linebacker in San Fran's 3-4 defense.  Linebacker coach Singletary worked with Davis at the enior Bowl.
Pick history: Harris
Prior players selected: DT Branch, WR Rice
77. Pittsburgh Woodley
Again, drafting defense for the Steelers is an interesting exercise.  Any player drafted must fit in the current 3-4, and also have a position should Tomlin switch to his preferred  4-3 down the line.  Woodley fits that bill.  He can be an OLB in a 3-4, and has enough size to be a DE in a 4-3.  With Porter gone, Woodley will push Harrison to start in his place.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: DE Carricker, LB Black
78. Green Bay Henry
My strategy for Green Bay paid off.  Henry is still on the board at this spot.  He is the choice over Irons and Booker because the Pack already has a smallish, quick back in Morency to be part of a two-headed running back.  Henry is fast, strong, quick, and athletic.  However, he only started a few games at Arizona.  If his physical ability wins out, he will be the main back. At worst, he will be the change-of-pace and short-yardage back.
Pick history: Henry
Prior players selected: TE Olsen, SS Weddle
79. Jacksonville Wade
There isn't a player on the board that jumps out at me for the Jags at this spot.  That's not a bad thing since it means the team has quality depth (now including Nelson and Gonzalez).  At corner the Jags have a good starting duo (Mathis and Williams).  With Scott Starks, Terry Cousin and Batman Carroll, they have decent options at nickel corner.  However, while all three are fine nickels, none could step in and be an above average starter if needed.  Wade has that potential.
Pick history: Bennett
Prior players selected: FS Nelson, WR Gonzalez
80. Tennessee
(Cin skipped - used pick in 2006 supplemental draft)
With a second round running back (Irons) still on the board, the Titans' put off grabbing a safety for at least another round and draft the talented Irons.  Personally, I would take Irons in this spot even if the Titans resign Chris Brown.  However, I'm not sure Tennessee will.  I am not convinced that White is a starting caliber NFL running back.
Pick history: Irons
Prior players selected: CB Hall, WR Hill
81. N.Y. Giants Booker
Florida State
Gee, it's now round three and I still don't have the Giants taking the linebacker that almost everyone says they need.  I love Pierce.  I liked the signing of Mitchell in free agency, and I like Wilkinson who the G-men drafted in round three last year.  Blackburn and Torbor are acceptable subs, and the G-men can add another body or two for their bench later in the draft.  Booker is the perfect player for the Giants at this spot.  Both Jacobs and Droughns are bigger backs.  Booker is the perfect change-of-pace, and third-down back because of his big-play ability.
Pick history: Booker
Prior players selected: CB Houston, OT Marten
82. Kansas City K Brown
The Chiefs need a defensive tackle, and this is a good spot to take a chance on Brown.  When he puts his mind to it, he can dominate.  As a third round pick, Brown will have to work hard to get a big pay day after his rookie contract is done.
Pick history: K Brown
Prior players selected: WR Jarrett, OG Beekman 
83. Carolina Barbre
Missouri South St
With the Panthers changing from a power running game to a zone blocking scheme, mobile, athletic offensive linemen are needed.  You don't get more athletic at tackle than Barbre whose workout numbers were among the best at the position across the board.  Barbre may need some time making the jump from Missouri Southern State, but he has the skills and athletic ability to be a very good tackle.
Pick history: Barbre
Prior players selected: LB Willis, SS Rouse
84. St. Louis Davis
While Clowney is the highest rated receiver on my draft board, I don't think he will be the Rams pick.  When Curtis left, the Rams replaced him with a bigger receiver (Bennett). Therefore, I don't think the Rams will go Clowney at this spot.  Davis is a lot higher on many draft boards than on mine.  I have Taylor, McKnight and L Robinson a little ahead of him also, but I think Davis will be drafted ahead of those three.
Pick history: Davis
Prior players selected: DE Anderson, DT Tyler
85. Seattle Soliai
Seattle needs a defensive tackle who can stuff the run.  Soliai is a 340+ pound defensive tackle who has good speed and athleticism for his size and could be the run-stuffer the Seahawks need in the middle of their defense.
Pick history: Mebane
Prior players selected: TE Miller
86. Denver Condren
Lynch and Ferguson and still get it done but both are in their 30's.  Condren is a rare athlete.  At Troy he got by on his athleticism so he will need to learn to play within a system.  With Lynch and Ferguson on hand he will have time (and mentors).  In the meantime, he will be a special teams demon.  How special an athlete is Condren?  How about 24 reps, 4.47 in the forty, 4.10 short shuttle, 6.69 three-cone, a 43" vertical and a 11'3" broad jump!  Huh??? This is a good football player and a rare athlete.
Pick history: Condren
Prior players selected: DE Moss, LB Harris, WR/KR Figurs
87. Dallas Clowney
Virginia Tech
This is another spot where I see a team moving quickly to get their card in to the podium.  With Owens always a heartbeat away from imploding, and Glenn getting up there in years, a big-play receiver makes a lot of sense at this spot.  Clowney not only fits that bill, but is the top rated player left on my board.  I have a second round grade on him.
Pick history: Clowney
Prior players selected: FS Meriweather, OG Sears
88. New Orleans Mebane
Mebane can start off as the Saints' third defensive tackle and down the line become a starter. A corner such as Bennett is also a possibility here, even after signing David.
Pick history: Alama-Francis
Prior players selected: LB Timmons, TE Patrick
89. N. Y. Jets McBean
Oklahoma State
The Pats like drafting tackles and moving them to end in their 3-4.  Look for the Jets to do the same thing.  McBean has the tools to kick outside in the Jets 3-4 defense and challenge von Oelhoffen for a starting job.
Pick history: Soliai
Prior players selected: OG Blalock, Wilson CB, Allison WR
90. Philadelphia Johnson
With Lewis gone, the Eagles need depth at the position.  They also need a young player to groom behind Dawkins.  Johnson has good instincts and can play both the run and pass.  Johnson is nice value at this spot in the draft.
Pick history: Johnson
Prior players selected: CB Revis, RB Bush
91. New England Scott
Georgia Tech
With the noise being made by Samuel, asking for a trade, the Pats will look to add corner depth in the draft.  At this spot their are a number of choices, including the freakish athlete Young, the slow but productive Hughes, the small school prospect Coe, and the reliable Irons.  Scott is the pick because he has a nice combination of height, speed and athleticism, and is as NFL-ready as any of the players mentioned.
Pick history: Scott
Prior players selected: OT Brown, ILB Beason
92. Buffalo DeOssie
DeOssie is a strong, fast linebacker who can push Haggan to start on the strongside, or play the middle and allow Crowell to kick outside.  He will also be a terror on special teams. 
Pick history: L Robinson
Prior players selected: RB Lynch, WR Smith, CB T Jackson
93. San Diego Battle
Turner the burner will have to be replaced this year or next.  Turner is a 5-11, 237 pound runner with speed and strength.  Battle is 5-11, 229 and lifted the bar 19 times, and ran a 4.42 forty.  He showed excellent quickness (4.11 short shuttle) and superb athleticism (41" vertical, 10'11" broad jump).  Battle also produced on the field rushing for over 900 yards, with 15 touchdowns and a 5.1 yard per carry average his senior year.  Battle will be a good replacement for Turner as a backup for Tomlinson.
Pick history: Battle
Prior players selected: WR Bowe, SS Piscitelli
94. Chicago Koets
Oregon State
The Bears could go defensive tackle at this spot but the player most worth the spot, Pitcock, is very similar to Dusty Dvorcek drafted last year and coming back from injury.  They also signed Anthony Adams in free agency.  Therefore, the Bears will look elsewhere with this pick.  A combination of need and value for the Bears at this spot is to draft depth for their offensive line, or to draft a tight end.  With Fred Miller 34, Koets an athletic right tackle makes sense.  Offensive guard Wrotto, and tight end Allan also received consideration by me for the Bears at this spot.
Pick history: Koets
Prior players selected: OLB Posluszny, Pittman RB
95. Indianapolis Nkang
Nkang is an undersized outside linebacker with excellent speed and athleticism.  Sound familar?  Yup, similar to the departed Catu June.  Nkang also has excellent strength for his size and is a good coverage linebacker.
Pick history: Nkang
Prior players selected: CB Ross
96. San Diego (c) Durant
With Edwards gone this offseason and Godfrey gone this year or next, the Chargers need depth at inside linebacker.  Wilhelm and Cooper are set as the new inside tandem.  Durant is an excellent athlete and will have time to adjust to the NFL.
Pick history:
Prior players selected: WR Bowe, SS Piscitelli, Battle RB
97. San Francisco (c) Barnes
Florida Internat
This is a pick that should happen late in day one if no other team takes a flyer on Barnes.  He is one of the few college players who has played (and with success) outside linebacker in a 3-4 in college.  He is very strong, very fast and a good athlete.  He could be special, or he could fade away.  With Lawson starting his NFL career slowly in terms of getting after thye quarterback, Barnes increases the odds for the 49ers that they will have a dominate pass rusher in their 3-4 defense.
Pick history: Barnes
Prior players selected: DT Branch, WR Rice, ILB Davis
98. Indianapolis (c) Taylor
Taylor is a reliable target who will be a good #3 to start off and could replace Harrison down the line. I like him in this spot over the speedy Robinson and the inconsistent, but big-play potential of McKnight.  A sleeper for the Colts on day two is running back D.D. Terry.
Pick history: Irons
Prior players selected: CB Ross, OLB Nkang
99. Oakland (c) Robinson
Illinois State
Robinson is 6'2", but has the speed (4.38 in the forty) and athleticism of smaller receivers. Davis loves speed, and this gives the Raiders a future big-play receiver for Russell should (when?) Moss is shown the door.
Pick history: Pitcock
Prior players selected: QB Russell, OT Ugoh, OG Alleman