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Two Round, Draft-in-Progress, Pick-by-Pick Draft Review

NOTE - these are my initial impressions as the picks were made - 
my thoughts may change when I do my detailed analysis.
POSTED 04/26/08 right after day one of the draft


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 1 MIA Dorsey DT LSU Can't argue, but I think Gholston would be a sack monster in Miami's 3-4 defense.
2 2 STL Long DE Virginia Disagree, I like Carricker at end he is very big, very quick and a great athlete and is wasted at the nose.  Dorsey would have been my pick.
3 3 ATL Ryan QB Bost Col Agree with selection
4 4 OAK McFadden RB Arkansas Can't argue, but Oakland is deep at running back and Dorsey would have been a needed cog in their defense.
5 5 KC Dorsey DT LSU Can't argue, assuming they get an OT later in round one. 
6 6 NYJ Gholston LB Ohio St Agree with selection
7 7 NO Ellis DT USC Agree with selection
8 8 JAC  Harvey DE Florida Agree with selection
9 9 CIN Rivers LB USC Agree with selection
10 10 NE Mayo LB Tennessee Can't argue, the Pats need youth at linebacker, but Clady had to be tempting.
11 11 BUF McKelvin CB Troy Agree with selection
12 12 DEN Clady OT Boise St Agree with selection
13 13 CAR Stewart RB Oregon Disagree, I think Williams is a better weapon than Stewart and should have been given a chance to start.  My pick would have been Chris Williams.
14 14 CHI Williams OT Vanderbilt Agree with selection
15 15 KC Albert OT Virginia Agree with selection
16 16 ARZ Rodgers- Cromartie CB Tenn St Agree with selection
17 17 DET Cherilus OT Boston Col Agree with selection
18 18 BAL Flacco QB Delaware Agree with selection
19 19 CAR Otah OT Pittsburgh Can't argue, but if they selected Williams at #13, they wouldn't have had to give up picks to get their tackle (then grab RB T. Choice later).
20 20 TB Talib CB Kansas Agree with selection
21 21 ATL Baker OT USC Can't argue, the draft dictated this pick, but it is a little high for Baker.
22 22 DAL Jones RB Arkansas Mistake, Chris Johnson would have made this team's offense much more difficult to stop.  He would help as a runner and as a receiver split wide.
23 23 PIT Mendenhall RB Illinois Can't argue, he's a great player and too good of a value at this spot, but they need a 3-4 end like Campbell; however, I would have done the same thing.
24 24 TEN Johnson RB East Car Can't argue, he's very explosive and could be their best receiver, but with one top corner left on the board  I would have gone with Jenkins or even DE Jackson.
25 25 DAL Jenkins CB South Fla Agree with selection
26 26 HOU Brown OT Virg Tech Mistake, Houston traded down too far and had to reach for Brown, I'm sure they were targeting Baker.
27 27 SD Cason CB Arizona Agree with selection
28 28 SEA Jackson DE USC Disagree, with Kerney and Tapp already on board I would have gone WR Thomas.
29 29 SF Balmer DE N Carolina Agree with selection
30 30 NYJ Keller TE Purdue Agree with selection
30 30 NYG Phillips FS Miami Agree with selection


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 32 MIA Merling DE Clemson Agree with selection
2 33 STL Avery WR Houston Agree with selection
3 34 WAS Thomas WR Mich St Agree with selection
4 35 KC Flowers CB Virg Tech Can't argue, but I like Porter and Godfrey a little more than Flowers who has great skills but suspect speed.
5 36 GB Nelson WR Kansas St Disagree, wide receiver is deep position in draft and not a need area for GB.  Laws would have been my pick.
6 37 ATL Lofton LB Oklahoma Agree with selection
7 38 SEA Carlson TE Notre Dame Disagree, I'm very high on TE Cottam and he would have been my pick.
8 39 SF Rachal OG USC Can't argue, but OLB Groves would have been my pick.
9 40 NO Porter CB Indiana Agree with selection
10 41 BUF Hardy WR Indiana Agree with selection
11 42 DEN Royal WR Virg Tech Can't argue, but WRs Caldwell or Hawkins could develop into starters, while Royal will remain a slot receiver (but a good one).
12 43 MIN Johnson FS Ark State Agree with selection
13 44 CHI Forte RB Tulane Agree with selection
14 45 DET Dizon LB Colorado Mistake, the Lions will not forgive themselves for passing on RB Ray Rice; Dizon is good but may be too small for the middle.
15 46 CIN Simpson WR Coast Car Mistake, Laws would have been my pick.  At receiver I would have gone with Caldwell as a speed receiver over Simpson.
16 47 PHI Laws DT Notre Dame Agree with selection
17 48 WAS Davis TE USC Mistake, they have Cooley; Groves would have given them a badly needed pass rusher.
18 49 PHI Jackson WR California Agree with selection
19 50 ARZ Campbell DE Miami Agree with selection
20 51 WAS Kelley WR Oklahoma Mistake, as a receiver with size I like Sweed more than Kelly and Sweed would have been my pick.
21 52 JAC Groves DE Auburn Agree with selection
22 53 PIT Sweed WR Texas Agree with selection
23 54 TEN Jones DE E Michigan Agree with selection
24 55 BAL Rice RB Rutgers Agree with selection
25 56 GB Brohm QB Louisville Can't argue, but will this selection undermine the more talented Rodgers whose job of replacing Favre is hard enough.
26 57 MIA Henne QB Michigan Agree with selection
27 58 TB Jackson WR Appl St Can't argue, he has mad return skills, but Caldwell and Hawkins are better receiver prospects.
28 59 IND Pollak C/G Arz State Agree with selection
29 60 GB Lee CB Auburn Can't argue, but I like Godfrey and King a bit better than Lee but that's splitting hairs
30 61  DAL Bennett TE Tex A&M Agree with selection
31 62 NE Wheatley CB Colorado Disagree, a bit high for Wheatley but he should be good in NE system, but maybe not as good as Godfrey or King.
32 63 NYG Thomas CB USC Disagree, Godfrey would have been the perfect fit here, Thomas may be a better safety than corner in the NFL.