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Three Round, Draft-in-Progress, Pick-by-Pick Draft Analysis

NOTE - these are my initial impressions as the picks were made - 
my thoughts may change when I do my detailed analysis and view a team's entire draft.
Rounds 1 and 2 POSTED 04/25/09, Round 3 POSTED 04/26/09 right after day one of the draft


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 1 DET Stafford QB Georgia Can't argue, but I'm in the minority and in line with Lion fans who wanted Curry.
2 2 STL Smith OT Baylor Disagree, while the Rams needed a tackle and Smith is going to be a good one they will regret passing on Sanchez.
3 3 KC Jackson DE LSU Disagree, if the Chiefs wanted a piece upfront for their 3-4 defense, they should have gone Raji for the nose, not Jackson for end.
4 4 SEA Curry LB Wake Forest Agree with selection
5 5 NYJ Sanchez QB USC Agree with selection
6 6 CIN Smith OT Alabama Can't argue, but I would have drafted Orakpo, the Bengals also badly need an edge rusher.
7 7 OAK Heyward-Bey WR Maryland Mistake, Crabtree or at worst Macklin should have been the pick.  Heyward-Bey will be okay, but the other two will be better.
8 8 JAC  Monroe OT Virginia Agree with selection
9 9 GB Raji DT Boston Col Agree with selection
10 10 SF Crabtree LB Texas Tech Agree with selection
11 11 BUF Maybin DE Penn St Can't argue he's a top pass rusher, but is he big enough to play end every down?  Would Orakpo have been better here?
12 12 DEN Moreno RB Georgia Mistake, Moreno was my #3 rated running back and Denver needed pieces for their 3-4 defense like Maualuga or English at this spot.
13 13 WAS Orakpo DE Texas Agree with selection
14 14 NO Jenkins CB Ohio State Disagree, while Jenkins will be a solid safety, I'm not sure he'll be a top starter at corner; Cushing would have been my pick.
15 15 HOU Cushing LB USC Agree with selection
16 16 SD English LB N Illinois Can't argue as Merriman-insurance, but Maualuga or Wells would have been my pick.
17 17 TB Freeman QB Kansas St Disagree, I like Josh Johnson as a future starter, I would have gone Macklin, he would have been dynamite opposite Bryant.
18 18 DEN Ayers LB Tennessee Disagree, Maualuga would have been my pick, I'm not sure Ayers will be effective at outside linebacker.
19 19 PHI Macklin WR Missouri Agree with selection
20 20 DET Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St Disagree, should have gone Oher or Maualuga, Pettigrew is a bit overrated.
21 21 CLE Mack OC California Can't argue, but how nice would Wells look in a Browns' uniform.
22 22 MIN Harvin WR Florida Agree with selection
23 23 BAL Oher OT Mississippi Can't argue, but why is Maualuga slipping, he would have been intriguing here as well?
24 24 ATL Jerry DT Mississippi Can't argue, but Matthews had to be tempting as well.
25 25 MIA Davis CB Illinois Can't argue, but I like corners Butler and A Smith a bit better for consistency sake. 
26 26 GB Matthews LB USC Agree with selection
27 27 IND Brown RB Connecticut Agree with selection
28 28 BUF Wood OC Louisville Agree with selection
29 29 NYG Nicks WR N Carolina Agree with selection
30 30 TEN Britt WR Rutgers Can't argue, but don't give up on Hawkins yet, I still believe he will be a good NFL player.
31 31 ARZ Wells RB Ohio State Agree with selection
32 32 PIT Hood DT Missouri Agree with selection


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 33 DET Delmas FS W Michigan Can't argue, but Maualuga would have looked good in the middle of their defense.
2 34 NE Chung SS Oregon Agree with selection
3 35 STL Laurinaitis LB Ohio State Disagree, I like Maualuga more than Laurinaitis.
4 36 CLE Robiskie WR Ohio State Agree with selection
5 37 DEN Smith CB Kansas St Can't argue he's a very good player, but giving up a number one for next year? Well, I say yes!
6 38 CIN Maualuga LB USC Agree with selection
7 39 JAC Britton OT Arizona Can't argue, but I would have gone with Derrick Williams.
8 40 NE Brace DT Boston Col Agree with selection
9 41 NE Butler CB Connecticut Can't argue, as long as they get an OLB at 58, otherwise Barwin would have been my pick.
10 42 BUF Bryd CB Oregon Mistake; as a corner there are many better; as a safety he fits here but I would have gone Beatty especially since Simpson still has potential.
11 43 CAR Brown DE Florida St Agree with selection
12 44 MIA White QB West Virg Agree with selection
13 45 NYG Sintim LB Virginia Mistake, he played in a 3-4 and Giants base defense is a 4-3, I would have drafted Brinkley to take over in the middle in a year or so for Pierce or Beatty to groom for left tackle.
14 46 HOU Barwin DE Colorado Agree with selection
15 47 OAK Mitchell SS Ohio Mistake, at safety how about Moore, Hamlin or Vaughn, also Beatty at tackle would have made more sense.
16 48 DEN McBath FS Texas Tech Disagree, I like Moore better at free safety and would have gone with Gilbert to play end in the 3-4.
17 49 SEA Unger OC Oregon Agree with selection
18 50 CLE Massaquoi WR Georgia Can't argue I like Massaquoi, but I would have gone with A Brown as Lewis-insurance.
19 51 BUF Levitre OG Oregon St Disagree, I have Urbik as my to rated guard.
20 52 CLE Veikune LB Hawaii Agree with selection
21 53 PHI McCoy RB Pittsburgh Mistake, I would have gone with Goodson or Ringer as a Westbrook-like back or Brown as a big back.
22 54 MIN Loadholt OT Oklahoma Can't argue, he should be a good right tackle, but I like Beatty better.
23 55 ATL Moore SS Missouri Agree with selection
24 56 IND Moala DT USC Agree with selection
25 57 BAL Kruger DE Utah Disagree, while Kruger is good he is too small for end and too slow for OLB in the Ravens' 3-4 defense, I would have gone Brinkley.
26 58 NE Vollmer OT Houston Can't argue, I had him going to New England in round three in my mock, but this was a bit high for him.  
27 59 CAR Martin CB Troy Mistake, at corner I had a number better than Martin including Smith, Lewis, and Harris; however my pick would have been TE Nelson.
28 60 NYG Beatty OT Connecticut Agree with selection
29 61 MIA Smith CB Utah Can't argue, but I would have drafted wide receiver Derrick Williams.
30 62 TEN Marks DT Auburn Agree with selection
31 63 ARZ Brown LB Connecticut Agree with selection
32 64 DEN Quinn TE N Carolina Disagree, while Quinn fits the new scheme very well, I still would have gone Gilbert to play end in their 3-4.


# Sel# Team Player Pos. School JAY GOLDBERG's INITIAL COMMENT
1 65 NYJ Greene RB Iowa Can't argue, Jones is asking for more money and is getting up in age, but I would have gone Derrick Williams to play opposite Cotchery.
2 66 STL Fletcher CB Iowa Can't argue, I like Fletcher but Brinkley would have been my pick to play MIKE so Witherspoon could move to WILL.
3 67 KC McGee DE Purdue Can't argue, he is a steady player, probably an end in the 3-4, but I like Gilbert's upside better at end.
4 68 CHI Gilbert DE San Jose St Agree with selection
5 69 DAL Williams LB W Illinois Can't argue, but I like Vaughn for strong safety a bit more at this spot.
6 70 CIN Johnson DE Geo Tech Agree with selection
7 71 OAK Shaughnessy DE Wisconsin Mistake, at end I like Sidbury Jr. and Kyle Moore much better.  My pick would have been Jamon Meredith.
8 72 JAC Knighton DT Temple Mistake, while Knighton is a big kid, Dorell Scott is big and strong and Ray Miller is strong and talented.
9 73 JAC Cox CB William & Mary Agree with selection 
10 74 SF Coffee RB Alabama Mistake, I have Andre Brown and Rashad Jennings rated higher as big backs, Javon Ringer and Mike Goodson rated higher as smaller backs. 
11 75 DAL Brewster OT Ball State Mistake, too high for Brewster who will be a guard; my choice would have been Vaughn or at guard, Urbik.
12 76 DET Levy LB Wisconsin Mistake, he played outside in college but the Lions may be projecting him to the middle (already have Peterson and Sims outside); I would have drafted Brinkley or even Beckwith at this spot.
13 77 HOU Caldwell OC Alabama Can't argue, but I would have gone Macho Harris at corner.
14 78 SD Vazquez OG Texas Tech Can't argue, he is one of the better athletes at guard, but Urbik would have been my pick.
15 79 PIT Urbik OG Wisconsin Agree with selection 
16 80 WAS Barnes CB Maryland Can't argue, Barnes is talented and a great athlete, however, I had a couple of corners rated slightly higher but Barnes here is fine.
17 81 TB Miller DT Texas Agree with selection 
18 82 DET Williams WR Penn State Agree with selection 
19 83 NE Tate WR N Carolina Can't argue, maybe Randy Moss will be a good influence, however I would have love Brinkley inside in the Pats defense to play next to Mayo, also Wallace opposite Moss would have been scary.
20 84 PIT Wallace WR Mississippi Agree with selection 
21 85 NYG Barden WR Cal-Poly Can't argue, the Giants need a big target for Manning but I would have gone with Nelson or Cook and given him his speed/height guy at tight end.
22 86 MIN Allen CB Georgia Disagree, I had a number of corners (Harris, Lewis) rated more highly than Asher.
23 87 MIA Turner WR USC Disagree, while he's a tall kid and could develop, I would have jumped on Iglesias.
24 88 BAL Webb CB Nicholls St Disagree, as a slot corner I like Munnerlyn, as a corner with starting potential I like Macho Harris better.
25 89 TEN Cook TE S Carolina Agree with selection 
26 90 ATL Owens CB San Jose St Disagree, see the comments for the Ravens two spots up.
27 91 SEA Butler WR Penn State Can't argue, but I like Knox a bit more as a speed receiver.
28 92 IND Powers CB Auburn Mistake, there are a number of corners I like better than Powers at this spot including Macho Harris, Mike Mickens and Kennan Lewis.
29 93 CAR Irvin DT Georgia Can't argue, they need a tackle and Irvin is good value, however Nelson would have been my pick, he'll be great running down the seam with the attention safeties need to pay to Steve Smith.
30 94 TEN Mouton CB Hawaii Can't argue, he'll be a good player, but I still have other corners rated a little higher (Harris and Lewis the main two).
31 95 ARZ Johnson FS Alabama Disagree, a third safety over a game-changing tight end in Nelson doesn't make sense to me.
32 96 PIT Lewis CB Oregon St Agree with selection 
33 97 NE McKenzie LB S Florida Can't argue, but I still like Brinkley as an inside linebacker for a 3-4 team.
34 98 CIN Coffman TE Missouri Disagree, I have Nelson rated more highly.
35 99 CHI Iglesias WR Oklahoma Agree with selection 
36 100 NYG Beckham TE Wisconsin Disagree, I have Nelson rated more highly.