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comments by Jay Goldberg based on study of portions of practice shown on the NFL Network

 top performer      looked good     had moments


1 Darius Butler DB Connecticut Overall looked pretty good.  Did best in press coverage.
1 Brooks Foster WR North Carolina Looked good with some moves, YAC and deep speed.
2 Derrick Williams WR Penn State Best receiver on the field, great hands, good ball adjustments, good speed and quickness.
4 Brandon Gibson WR Washington St. Strong kid, gets off the jam on the line very well. Looked solid, not spectacular; steady hands except for one bad drop.
4 Macho Harris DB Virginia Tech In one-on-one's played better earlier in the week - he looked good both in press coverage and playing off the line.  He had a nice end zone interception in 11 on 11's.
5 Nick Harris LB Oklahoma Moving from safety to linebacker, he did okay in pass coverage against running backs, but was not consistent.  Not enough face time to make any other observations. 
6 DeAngelo Smith DB Washington St. Did not look good in coverage, especially against fast, quick receivers - gives too big a cushion.  Not a man corner, may be best at free safety.
6 Graham Harrell QB Texas Tech Transitioning okay from spread offense.  Got rid of the ball quickly, anticipated receivers' routes well, did not show a particularly strong arm.
7 Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston St. The kid has a big-time arm, but was not as accurate as other quarterbacks.  Can throw the deep out and showed he can run.  Was ahead of Bradford before transferring.
9 Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma A mixed bag.  Iglesias made some very nice catches and was getting open in the 11 on 11's.  However, he had his share of drops and at times in the one-on-ones put together too many moves in one route which won't work in NFL.
10 Nathan Brown QB Central Arkansas Looked the best of QBs to me.  Brown showed a good arm, took coaching well (threw high balls at back of end zone so his receiver catches it or it goes incomplete), and looked better in the 11 on 11's than in the drills. 
11 Ramses Barden WR Cal Poly Big receiver who showed good hands, but looked to have trouble separating from defensive backs.
11 William Moore DB Missouri Not enough face time.
15 Patrick Chung DB Oregon Showed good cover skills for a safety
16 Keenan Lewis DB Oregon State Looked very very good in press coverage, not that good in off coverage.
21 Mike Mickens DB Cincinnati Tried to play with still sore knee, did enough for a later look,.
22 Manuel Johnson WR Oklahoma Came in late and caught everything thrown at him, including some nice grabs.  Made no big plays but had the look of a reliable wideout.
23 Kory Sheets RB Purdue After starting strongly in 11 on 11's, he came back to earth later in the week.  Did not look good in one-on-one passing drills.   However flashed quickness, speed, and good hands.  Need to see his workout.
24 Jeremiah Johnson RB Oregon Came on strong as the week progressed.  Looked very quick with a tremendous burst, and caught the ball well.  
25 Louis Delmas DB Western Michigan Delmas looked great.  He has a hitter's mentality and gets to the ballcarrier quickly whether coming up to play the run or coming up in coverage to ensure no YAC.  While this safety gives some cushion in pass coverage, he is up very very quickly to make the tackle.
27 David Bruton DB Notre Dame Did not flash but had very limited face time.
29 Morgan Trent DB Michigan This late addition had limited face time, but caught my eye a bit so I wanted to see more.
35 Louie Sakoda   K Utah No data
36 Eric Kettani RB Navy Limited face time, but looks like a good blocker and caught a ball or two.
37 Cedric Peerman RB Virginia Peerman looked quick and showed good hands.  Could be a good third down/change-of pace back.
40 Scott McKillop LB Pittsburgh McKillop faced some against the run and pass in the 11 on 11's, but had trouble in coverage in the one-on-one's.
43 Tony Fiammetta RB Syracuse Known as a very good blocker, Fiammetta some very good run blocks in practice.  However, what impressed me the most was that he looked great in one-on-one pass catching drills beating defenders, making good catches and even showing YAC potential.
47 Kevin Huber    P Cincinnati No data
50 Clint Sintim LB Virginia This 3-4 rush OLB, looked fine in pass rushing drills, made a good play versus the run in 11 on 11's , but looked bad in pass coverage.
2 - 2 Loadhold 1-1   Fulton 1-1
51 Alex Mack OL California Mack did a nice job blocking.  Outside of top 10 player Raji, he dominated.
7 - 6 Brace 2-0   Hood 1-1   Raji 2-5   Jamison 2-0
51 Larry English DL
Northern Illinois English looked good pass rushing and showed some promise in coverage versus running backs.
5 - 6 Beatty 3-3   Fulton 2-3
52 Cody Brown DL Connecticut Early in the week Brown was all over field making: sack, plays on run, play on draw in 11 on 11's.
5 - 5 Loadbolt 1-3   Beatty 4-2
54 Tyrone McKenzie LB USF McKenzie had very limited face time, but did not cover very well in the one-on-one drills.
55 Marcus Freeman LB Ohio St. Freeman had very limited face time, but looked good in pass coverage in the one-on-one drills.
56 Zack Follett LB California Follett had very limited face time, but had some good moments in pass coverage in the one-on-one drills and made a nice play on a screen pass in the 11 on 11's.
57 Mark Estermyer DS Pittsburgh No data
60 Max Unger OL Oregon Unger did well against Raji early, but this was before Raji was called out by Mike Mayock and started to dominate.
5 - 9 Raji 2-1   King 0-2   Brace 1-4   McGee 2-2
63 Kraig Urbik OL Wisconsin Urbik looked very good.  He dominated Ziggy Hood a top DT prospect.
8 - 4 Hood 5-1   Brace 1-0   King 1-3   McGee 1-0
64 William Beatty OL Connecticut Beatty's 6-6 is better than it appears.  This is a drill that favors the defense and he was up against some good speed rushers.
6 - 6 English 3-3   Brown 2-2   Barwin 1-1
66 Andy Levitre OL Oregon State Levitre looked a bit overmatched during the one-on-one drills.
4 - 10 Jamison 1-3   Hood 0-1   King 0-1   McGee 1-1   Raji 0-2  Davis 2-2
68 Xavier Fulton  OL Illinois Fulton started hot and eventually the speed rushers caught up to him.  Overall he had a good week.
8 - 9 Jamison 3-1   English 4-4   Davis 1-2   Brown 0-2
72 Ryan Shuman OL Virginia Tech Shuman dominated his one-on-one battles with Brace, a strong, tough defensive tackle.  That was impressive.
8 - 2 Brace 7-1   Hood 1-1
76 Trevor Canfield OL Cincinnati Canfield looked a bit overmatched during the one-on-one drills.
3- 8 Hood 1-3   Raji 0-2   King 2- 1   McGee 0-2
79 Phil Loadholt OL Oklahoma Loadholt started quickly and came back to earth a bit.  Still he is a very big kid who at times dominated in the one-on-one drills.
11 - 7 Jackson 2-0 Davis 5-1 Brown 3-1 Sintim 1-1 Jamison 0-2 Barwin 0-2
80 Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State Robiskie came on strong as the week progressed.  He showed good moves and hands.  He looked very reliable and dependable but did not make big plays.
81 Will Davis DL Illinois Davis struggled against the big tackle Loadholt.  He looked okay against others. 
6 - 8 Fulton 3-1   Loadholt 1-5   Levitre 2-2
82 Connor Barwin TE
Cincinnati As a tight end Barwin showed athleticism and speed.  He made some good catches but also had a drop.  As a defensive end he showed speed off the edge.
3 - 1 Beatty 1-1   Loadholt 2-0
85 John Phillips TE Virginia Showed the ability to get open and make catches in the one-on-one drills.
87 Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St. Catches well, blocks well, big-hype, looks a cut below, but solid.  Twice linebackers were able to cover him in one-on-one drills.
90 B.J. Raji DL Boston College Raji came on strong as the week progressed and was a hard to block in the one-on-one's and made plays in the 11-on-11's.
10 - 5 Mack 5-2   Canfield 2-0   Unger 1-3   Levitre 2-0
91 Tim Jamison DL Michigan Jamison flashed some pass rush ability but was not consistent. 
6 - 8 Loadholt 2-2   Levitre 3-1   Fulton 1-3   Mack 0-2
92 Ron Brace DL Boston College While Brace did not do great in one-on-one's that was expected.  He is a big, strong bull NT and did not disappoint in looking like a big run-stuffing tackle.
4 - 10 Shuman 1-7   Urbik 0-1   Unger 3-0   Mack 0-2
94 Ziggy Hood DL Missouri Except for Urbik, who looked very good all week, Hood held his own and had some good moments.
7 - 8 Urbik 1-5   Levitre 1-0   Shuman 1-1   Canfield 3-1   Mack 1-1
95 Alex Magee DL Purdue McGee started slowly but came on strong.  He had a very nice week of practice.
6 -4 Canfield 3-0   Levitre 1-1   Unger 2-2   Urbik 0-1
97 Mitch King DL Iowa King caught my eye both during one-on-one's and 11 on 11's.  An undersized tackle he could be an excellent end in the 3-4 defense.
7 -3 Unger 2-0   Levitre 1-0   Canfield 1-2    Urbik 3-1