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comments by Jay Goldberg based on study of portions of practice shown on the NFL Network

 top performer      looked good     had moments


1 Coye Francies DB San Jose State Francies had some good moments in coverage, including press coverage.  He also played physically and had a big hit in 11 on 11's.
1 Mohamed Massaquoi WR Georgia Was a highlight film including great catch against tough coverage; did have one drop but all in all looked very good while he was there (injured).
2 Alphonso Smith  DB Wake Forest Looked very good in coverage, has a nose for the ball.
2 Mike Thomas   WR Arizona Thomas started very strongly and then leveled off, but he is an excellent receiver.  He looked quick, got off the jam at line, got open deep, and made a nice one-handed grab.
3 Derek Pegues   DB Mississippi St. Pegues had limited face time.  He did come up quickly to the line on a sweep in the 11 on 11's. 
4 Ellis Lankster DB West Virginia Lankster came on as the week progressed.  He started uneven but showed good coverage including playing up in man coverage both in the one-on-one's and 11 on 11's.
5 Pat White   QB West Virginia Looked best of the QBs, showed accuracy, quick feet and strong arm.  He made NFL throws both anticipating receivers routes and throwing fast balls into tight windows.
6 Sherrod Martin DB Troy Did not stand out in one on one cover drills but looked better in 11 on 11 drills.  His workout will be big for him.
6 Quan Cosby   WR Texas Quietly, Cosby had a very nice week.  He didn't flash game-breaking ability, but he made some excellent catches and showed good hands.  He also showed toughness in 11 on 11's holding on to ball after big hit
7 Patrick Turner WR USC Turned closed the week on a high.  A big receiver, Turner showed reliable hands and the ability to get open.
9 Chip Vaughn   DB Wake Forest Vaughn had limited face time but did make one very nice play in coverage during the one-on-one's.
9 Mike Wallace WR Ole Miss Didn't jump out in drills, did catch some balls in 11 on 11's.
10 Cullen Harper   QB Clemson Some good, some bad, but more bad than good.
10 Brian Cushing   LB USC Limited data except for one-on-one drills where he looked good rushing the passer including against OL Green.  He did flash on a play in the 11 on 11's.  
5 - 2 Hill 1-2   Nelson 2-0   McCall 1-0  Green 1-0
11 Ashlee Palmer   LB Ole Miss Palmer showed excellent blitz skills and even played off a Nelson block on a running play during one-on-one drills.
6 - 3 Hill 0-1   Jennings 1-1  McCall 3-0   Brown 1-0  Nelson 1-1
11 Kenny McKinley WR South Carolina Showed good hands and quickness when wasn't trying to put too many moves together.
14 John Parker Wilson                      QB Alabama Some good, some bad, but did not stand out.
15 Thomas Morstead P SMU No data
16 Domonique Johnson DB Jackson State Showed some good things in coverage particularly press coverage in the one on one's.  However, was also beat often in the one-on-one drills.  He did flash a number of times, however, in the 11 on 11's.
18 Greg Carr   WR Florida State A replacement player, Carr did not have a great couple of days of practice.
21 Antone Smith    RB Florida State Limited face time, could not get a read watching practice.
22 James Davis    RB Clemson Not a great week for Davis, but data was limited.  He did not show consistent hands catching the ball and did not stand out in blitz pickup.
1 - 4 Fokou 1-2   Maualuga 0-2
23 Rashad Jennings RB Liberty Tough kid, fought hard with some success in blitz pickup.  Showed quick feet for a big back.
2 - 3 Palmer 1-1   Matthews 1-0   Fokou 0-1   Beckwith 0-1
24 Andre Brown   RB NC State Brown showed quickness, good speed for a big back, and YAC.  He was quick thru the hole in 11 on 11's.  He also showed a willingness and toughness in the one-on-one blocking drills.
2 - 3 Beckwith 1-1   R Johnson 1-0   Palmer 0-1   Maualuga 0-1
25 Michael Hamlin   DB Clemson Hamlin had no face time until day four when he flashed on a pass play and a run play in the 11 on 11's.
27 Arian Foster RB Tennessee Foster, a big back showed some good things before injuring his hamstring.  He was scrappy in pass protection, but not overly effective.
1 - 3 Maualuga 1-1   Fokou 0-2 
40 Patrick McAfee      K West Virginia No data
45 Quinn Johnson   RB LSU Minimal face time, would have liked to see better results in the one-on-one blocking drills.  He did show good hands catching the ball.
0 - 4 Maualuga 0-2   Matthews 0-1   Beckwith 0-1
47 Clay Matthews   LB USC Didn't flash in the 11 on 11's.  One great head-to-head was with OT Oher where he beat him and would have sacked the quarterback.
3 - 5 Johnson 1-0 Nelson 0-3 Jennings 0-1  McCall 1-0  Oher 1-1
48 Darry Beckwith   LB LSU No data other than one-on-one's, he looked good playing off blocks in the run game.
5 - 3 Brown 1-2 McCall 1-0 Hill 0-1 Nelson 1-0 Johnson 1-0  Jennings 1-0
49 Rashad Johnson DB Alabama Johnson was fair in one on one cover drills, but made a nice play in 11 on 11's.
57 Jake Ingram    DS Hawaii No data
58 Rey Maualuga   LB USC Maualuga started slowly but came on very, very strong.  He dominated the later one-on-one drills and had a number of very nice plays in the 11 on 11's.
6 - 3 Foster 1-1  Q Johnson 2-0  Nelson 0-2  Davis 2-0  Brown 1-0
59 Moise Fokou   LB Maryland Fokou had a nice play on run in 11 on 11's and did very well in the one-on-one's.
5 - 2 Davis 2-1   Hill 0-1   Foster 2-0   Jennings 1-0
59 Antoine Caldwell OL Alabama Caldwell held his own in one-on-one drills and looked good.
6 - 6 Irvin 2-0   Moore 0-2   Walker 4-2   Ayers 0-2
60 Eric Wood   OL Louisville Wood did not fair well in one-on-one drills, but Mayock who likes him, expected that to happen.  Wood did jump out with a nice block during a run in the 11 on 11's.
2 - 6 Moala 1-1   Jerry 0-2   Irvin 1-1   Ayers 0-2
63 Jonathan Luigs    OL Arkansas Made nice block on run in 11 on 11's, but looked a bit overmatched during the one-on-one drills.
1 - 8 Walker 1-1  Ayers 0-1  Irvin 0-2  Moala 0-2  Jerry 0-2
71 Tyronne Green    OL Auburn Green played better as the week progressed.
3 - 6 Moala 1-3   Irvin 1-1   Moore 1-1   Cushing 0-1
74 Michael Oher   OL Ole Miss Speed appears to be the only way to possibly get by this mammoth of a man.  He played well in the one-on-one drills.
7 - 3 Veikune 2-2   Matthews 1-1   Ayers 2-0   Moore 2-0
75 Fili Moala   DL USC Moala looked very strong with a bull rush.
5 - 3 Green 3-1   Wood 1-1   Johnson 1-1
76 Troy Kropog   OL Tulane Looked good at times, but speed killed him
3 - 6 Ayers 1-1   Walker 1-1   Sidbury 0-1   Veikune 0-2   Irvin 1-1
77 Jason Watkins   OL Florida Watkins didn't win when I watched, but he went against two of the better speed rushers.
1 - 5 Sidbury 0-4   Veikune 1-1
79 Herman Johnson OL LSU Johnson was a bit hot and cold, but I was impressed he handled speed okay and strength okay.
4 - 5 Moore 1-1   Veikune 1-0   Jerry 0-2   Sidbury 1-1   Moala 1-1
81 Shawn Nelson   TE Southern Miss Nelson had a great week of practice but finally showed he was human.  He blocked better in pass protection than he did in the run game, and after catching everything in sight finally had a drop.   He is a good receiver and showed promise as a blocker.
6 - 3 Matthews 3-0  Maualuga 2-0  Beckwith 0-1  Palmer 1-1  Cushing 0-2
83 Travis McCall   TE Alabama Didn't block well in the one-on-one's, but I caught a good block on a run play in the 11 on 11's.  He also had a drop
0 - 6 R Johnson 0-1   Beckwith 0-1   Palmer 0-3   Matthews 0-1
84 Kyle Moore   DL USC Moore flashed a couple of times during t5he one-on-one's, once getting a sack, another time against a run.  Good during one-on-ones's sack during 11 on 11.  He also held his own during one-on-one drills.
4 - 4 Johnson 1-1   Caldwell 2-0   Oher 0-2   Green 1-1
85 Anthony Hill   TE NC State Hill blocked very well and showed reliable hands.
5 - 1 Palmer 1-0   Cushing 2-1   Fokou 1-0   Beckwith 1-0
90 Corvey Irvin   DL Georgia Irvin had a sack in the 11 on 11's, and made a nice play on a screen pass in the 11 on 11's.  In the one-on-one's he did best when he could bull rush the blocker.
5 - 5 Caldwell 0-2   Parker 1-1   Luigs 2-0   Wood 1-1   Kropog 1-1
91 Robert Ayers   DL Tennessee Ayers had a sack in the 11 on 11's and made a good play on another occasion staying at home versus a run.  In the one-on-one's he looked good against everyone but Oher.
6 -5 Kropog 1-1  Oher 0-4  Luigs 1-0  Wood 2-0  Caldwell 2-0
92 David Veikune   DL Hawaii Veikune caught my attention big time.  He looked like an extremely good pass rusher.
6 -4 Oher 2-2   Johnson 1-1   Kropog 2-0   Watkins 1-1
95 Lawrence Sidbury DL Richmond On the bubble of players that popped at Shine Game, showed excellent pass rush skills during the one-on-one drills and even popped during the 11 on 11's on one play as a pass rusher.
6 - 1 Kropog 1-0   Watkins 4-0   Johnson 1-1
98 Peria Jerry   DL Ole Miss Jerry had a nice bull rush during the 11 on 11's and dominated all comers in the one-on-one's.
6- 0 Wood 2-0   Johnson 2-0   Luigs 2-0
99 Vance Walker   DL Georgia Tech Walker did jnust okay during the one-on-one drills.
5 - 7 Luigs 1-1   Caldwell 2-4   Kropog 1-1  Green 1-1