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Three Round, Draft-in-Progress, Pick-by-Pick Draft Analysis

NOTE - these are my initial impressions as the picks were made - 
my thoughts may change when I do my detailed analysis and view a team's entire draft.
Round 1 POSTED 04/25/09, Rounds 2,3 POSTED 04/26/09 right after the draft


Pick Team Player Pos College


1 (1) STL Bradford, Sam QB Oklahoma
Agree with selection
2 (2) DET Suh, Ndamukong DT Nebraska
Agree with selection
3 (3) TB McCoy, Gerald DT Oklahoma
Agree with selection
4 (4) WAS Williams, Trent OT Oklahoma
Can't argue, Williams is more athletic than Okung and fits the offense, but there would have been less risk with Okung.
5 (5) KC Berry, Eric SS Tennessee
Can't argue, Berry will be very good, but I would have selected Okung and kicked Albert inside.
6 (6) SEA Okung, Russell OT Okl State
Agree with selection
7 (7) CLE Haden, Joe CB Florida
Disagree, I believe Haden, while solid, is a but overrated in the draft.  I would have drafted Thomas.
8 (8) OAK McClain, Rolando  ILB Alabama
Disagree, I like Morrison, although it's clear the Raiders do not.  McClain is very good, but I would have gone with Baluga or Davis at OT.
9 (9) BUF Spiller, C.J. RB Clemson
Can't argue, but they really need an offensive tackle.
10 (10) JAC Alualu, Tyson DE California
Can't argue, I like the kid a lot, but there were some better player on the board that the Jags could use such as Thomas, Morgan or Pierre-Paul.
11 (11) SF Davis, Anthony OT Rutgers
Agree with selection
12 (12) SD Mathews, Ryan RB Fresno State
Can't argue, he is a great fit and fills a need and I can't question them moving up to get him; so I'll assume they had to move up this high to get him.
13 (13) PHI Graham, Brandon DE Michigan
Agree with selection
14 (14) SEA Thomas, Earl SS Texas
Agree with selection
15 (15) NYG Pierre-Paul, Jason DE South Florida
Mistake, for all the hype on the athleticism of JPP, his workout numbers were nothing special, and his on-field numbers were nothing special indicating more risk than I would take here, especially with Weatherspoon ideal for the Giants as a vocal leader at middel linebacker.
16 (16) TEN Morgan, Derrick DE Georgia Tech
Agree with selection
17 (17) SF Iupati, Mike OG Idaho
Can't argue, building their offensive line is a good idea, but I'm not sold on Smith or Carr.  I would have gone with Clausen.
18 (18) PIT Pouncey, Maurkice C Florida
Can't argue, but Kyle Wilson or Patrick Robinson would have looked good in a Steelers uniform as well.
19 (19) ATL Weatherspoon, Sean LB Missouri
Agree with selection
20 (20) HOU Jackson, Kareem CB Alabama
Disagree, I didn't have as high a grade on Jackson as I had on Robinson, Wilson and McCourty; although I had a late one round grade on Jackson.
21 (21) CIN Gresham, Jermaine TE Oklahoma
Mistake, I don't think Gresham will be the dominate receiver that the Bengals are hoping for in drafting him here, I liked Pitta better who could have be had in round two or three.  I would have gone with a pass rusher like Dunlap or Griffen. 
22 (22) DEN Thomas, Demaryius WR Geo Tech
Disagree, Thomas was my fourth rated receiver in the draft, although I understand why he was selected.  Bryant would have been my pick.
23 (23) GB Bulaga, Bryan OT Iowa
Agree with selection
24 (24) DAL Bryant, Dez WR Oklahoma St
Agree with selection
25 (25) DEN Tebow, Tim QB Florida
Mistake, I like Tebow but have serious doubts about his ability to be a quality starting quarterback in the NFL; Clausen would have been my pick.  
26 (26) ARZ Williams, Dan DT Tennessee
Can't argue, Watson and Branch haven't developed as I thought they would, however, I haven't given up on them so Hughes or Kindle would have been my pick.
27 (27) NE McCourty, Devin CB Rutgers
Agree with selection
28 (28) MIA Odrick, Jared DT Penn State
Disagree, I like Starks and Langford at end and Odrick cannot play 3-4 nose a position of need.  Therefore, while I lie Odrick as a 3-4 end, Miami needs a pass rushing OLB and with Kindle and Hughes available I would have drafted one of them.
29 (29) NYJ Wilson, Kyle CB Boise State
Agree with selection
30 (30) DET  Jahvid Best RB California
Agree with selection
31 (31) IND Hughes, Jerry DE TCU
Disagree, as much as I like Hughes as a player, I like him as a 3-4 OLB more than an undersized pass rushing end.  I would have drafted Saffold, I beleive he would have been more valuable that a #3 defensive end.
32 (32) NO Robinson, Patrick CB Florida State
Agree with selection
Pick Team Player Pos College


1 (33) STL Saffold, Rodger OT Indiana
Agree with selection
2 (34) MIN Cook, Chris CB Virginia
Disagree, while I like Cook there are still other quality corners on the board so I would have drafted Clausen as my quarterback of the future.
3 (35) TB Price, Brian DT UCLA
Disagree, with McCoy drafted in round one, a playmaker like Golden Tate would have been my selection here.
4 (36) KC McCluster, Dexter RB Mississippi
Mistake; as a runner with Charles and Jones this makes no sense; as a slot receiver with Tate, Gilyard and Sanders available it also makes no sense. This is too high for McClusters.
5 (37) PHI Allen, Nathaniel FS South Florida
Agree with selection
6 (38) CLE Ward, T.J. FS Oregon
Mistake; I like Ward who I had a third round grade on, but Burnett will be a star and the Browns will regret not grabbing him here.
7 (39) TB Benn, Arrelious WR Illinois
Can't argue, but I like Tate a little more.
8 (40) MIA Misi, Koa DE Utah
Disagree, Misi will be a valuable player on defense, but with Kindle still available, not to mention Griffen, a better outside rusher would have made more sense.
9 (41) BUF Troup, Torell DT Central Florida
Disagree, with Brown still available and the Bills needing a left tackle, I don't see how they could pass him up.  Torell will be a good nose tackle, something they need, but there is depth at that position in the draft.
10 (42) NE Gronkowski, Rob TE Arizona
Can't argue, but I really really like Pitta and think he will be a top NFL tight end.
11 (43) BAL Kindle, Sergio DE Texas
Agree with selection
12 (44) OAK Houston, Lamarr DT Texas
Agree with selection
13 (45) DEN Beadles, Zane OT Utah
Mistake, I had a fourth round grade on Beadles.  As a guard I liked Asamoah here better, as a tackle I liked Brown better.
14 (46) NYG Joseph, Linval DT East Carolina
Disagree, there is depth at defensive tackle and I had a number with better or similar grades to Joseph.  I would have selected Lee or Butler to play middle linebacker.
15 (47) ARZ Washington, Daryl LB TCU
Can't argue, but Washington doesn't have prototypical size for a 3-4 inside linebacker.  Butler could have been an intriguing selection here as well.
16 (48) CAR Clausen, Jimmy QB Notre Dame
Agree with selection
17 (49) SF Mays, Taylor FS Southern Cal
Agree with selection
18 (50) KC Arenas, Javier CB Alabama
Can't argue, with two young starters Arenas is a good nickel and return man, however, a big nose tackle for their 3-4 such as Thomas or Cody may have been a better selection.
19 (51) MIN Gerhart, Toby RB Stanford
Can't argue, but with 11 catches and 13 catches his last two years in college, McKnight or Hardesty, more productive receivers in college and good runners as well may have been a slightly better fit.
20 (52) PIT Worilds, Jason DE Virginia Tech
Can't argue, this kid is a great athlete with excellent potential, however, I would have been tempted by Golden Tate or a corner like Murphy or Ghee.
21 (53) NE Cunningham, Jermaine DE Florida
Agree with selection
22 (54) CIN Dunlap, Carlos DE Florida
Agree with selection
23 (55) DAL Lee, Sean LB Penn State
Disagree, Lee is a good player and future starter, but Brown is still on the board and would be needed insurance at left tackle.
24 (56) GB Neal, Mike DT Purdue
Agree with selection
25 (57) BAL Cody, Terrence DT Alabama
Agree with selection
26 (58) HOU Tate, Ben RB Auburn
Disagree, Hardesty would have been my pick.
27 (59) CLE Hardesty, Montario RB Tennessee
Agree with selection
28 (60) SEA Tate, Golden WR Notre Dame
Agree with selection
29 (61) Jets Ducasse, Vlad OT Massachusetts
Can't argue, but I like Asamoah a bit better as a guard prospect and Veldheer more as a future tackle prospect.
30 (62) NE Spikes, Brandon LB Florida
Can't argue, Spikes was made for thye 3-4 defense as an inside linebacker, however, Sanders, White or Price would have been tempting to compete with Holt to line up opposite Moss. 
31 (63) IND Angerer, Pat LB Iowa
Mistake, I had a fourth round grade on Angerer.  I would have drafted Butler to groom behind Brackett.
32 (64) NO Brown, Charles OT Southern Cal
Agree with selection