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by Jay Goldberg

SKELTON QB FORDHAM Skelton impressed me the most of all the quarterbacks in the game.  He has an NFL arm and size, but McShay indicated that there are questions about his off-the-filed work habits.  Still, he is a good late round prospect with upside.
CLARK QB PENN STATE Clark is a good athlete and could be moved from quarterback in the NFL, but he showed he may have some upside as a backup quarterback as well in this game. 
KAFKA QB NORTHWESTERN Kafta's second stint in the game was much better than his first.  He came on in the fourth quarter to make some good throws and showed movement in the pocket.  He has the look of an over-achiever who could hold the fort as a solid backup quarterback down the line. 
PASCHALL RB NORTH DAKOTA ST Paschall looked, by far, like the best running back in the game.  He showed good vision running off tackle and good bounce to the outside.  His Combine numbers will be key.
DIXON RB CONNECTICUT Dixon has the look of a change-of-pace, third down back.  He showed he can make tacklers miss.
WHITE WR MICHIGAN STATE White was the best player in the game.  He has good hands, gets open and has decent size.  I will need to see White's workout numbers before deciding if he is a sleeper as a second-round value, or a late round type who could out-produce his draft slot.
ARNETT WR WEST VIRGINIA Arnett may have had only three catches in the game, but all were good grabs and all were running NFL routes.  Arnett helped his draft status. 
BARNES WR BOWLING GREEN Barnes came up big in the fourth quarter getting open and making catches.  He has good hands and runs good routes.  His workout numbers will be key to determining how well he can transfer his skills to the NFL.
PITTA TE BYU Pitta is a prospect worth noting.  He has great hands, can get open and looks fast enough to get down the field.  He played an excellent game.
HARBOR TE MISSOURI STATE Harbor can also play fullback and h-back.  He showed toughness and solid hands and has a shot to be a contributor in the NFL as a role player.
QUARLESS TE PENN STATE Quarless made a phenomenal one-handed catch.  He was said to be the most athletic tight end in the game.  I'm very curious how he will work out at the Combine.  With a good workout he could be a player that gains momentum leading up to the draft.
ESTES OC HAWAII It's difficult to "pop" in a positive manner in an All Star Game, but I did notice some nice blocking, both in the running game and in pass protection by Estes.
TEXAS TECH I had three notes during the game indicating good pass blocking by Carter.
ALEM DE LSU Alem didn't get to the quarterback for a sack, but put pressure on passers throughout the game.
HARDY DE MISSISSIPPI Hardy was known as a pass rusher and he had a sack in the game.  He also looked good in spots against the run and ended up with 4 tackles and an assist.
COLLINS DT VIRGINIA Collins is an undersized defensive tackle who played well against the run.  It will be interesting to see if he has the measureables to kick out to end in a 3-4 defense.
MITCHELL DT ARIZONA Mitchell was able to get penetration from his defensive tackle position.  He is an undersized defensive tackle who may either play inside in the nickel defensive or be an end in a 3-4 defense.
SOUTH FLORIDA Wilson was very active in the game, making tackles, and playing well against the run.
CARTER ILB UCLA To my eye, Carter was the best defensive player in the game.  He was all over the field making tackles and, when he didn't get credit for a tackle, was in terrific position to make a play or force the action.
SCOFIELD OLB WISCONSIN What a terrific adjustment to outside linebacker for this college defensive end.  He can get after the quarterback, and he held up very well in pass coverage.  He is a kid to keep your eye on as an outside linebacker for teams that play the 3-4 defense.
KRISTICK OLB OREGON STATE Kristick didn't show up much in the box score, however, he played well in pass coverage and seemed to be in the right place during his time on the field.
CHANCELLOR FS/SS VIRGINIA TECH Chancellor is a big for a safety but showed, in this game, that he can be a positive force in the passing game.  We'll see what his workout numbers say.  He showed he is a big-time hitter with a hitter's mentality.
STUCKEY SS KANSAS Stuckey led the West squad in tackles.  He had a quietly efficient game, which is what you want in a strong safety.  I also saw him make at least one tackle on special teams.
WALL CB TEXAS TECH I was very impressed with Wall during the game.  He played excellent in coverage and appeared to have a nose for the ball.  He is a prospect worth watching.
VERNER CB UCLA Verner played well in pass coverage and even showed good tackling skills on a quick completion eliminating YAC.