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Players who will have a better NFL career than many
selected higher than them in the draft

by Jay Goldberg

SKELTON QB FORDHAM Skelton has good size and a big-time arm.  He also moves well for a 240+ pound quarterback.  Coming out of a small school, he will need time to develop, but has a big upside.  Of the beyond the first two-rounds of the draft, Skelton has the best chance to be a top tier starter down the line.
ROBINSON QB OKLAHOMA STATE Robinson is a better athlete than you may think, has a better arm than you may think, and has better leadership abilities than you may think.  Robinson may never be a top tier starter, but I see him at worst, as a top tier backup quarterback, and at best a starter a team can win with.
LEFEVOUR QB CENTRAL MICHIGAN Teams looking for Tim Tebow may be better served waiting a bit and drafting LeFevour.  He possess much of the same athleticism as Tebow, including his running ability.  In the right system, LeFeVour could eventually grow into a solid starter.
HARDESTY RB TENNESSEE Hardesty is a big tough back who had an excellent senior year.  However, he has better speed than many think, is quick and is an explosive athlete.  He also caught 25 balls for over 300 yards his senior year.  Why nobody is singing his praises confounds me.  It wouldn't surprise me if he has a better NFL career than Ryan Matthews who most have as the #2 rated running back in the draft.
BLOUNT RB OREGON Blount is a big strong kid with excellent cutting ability who will be a very effective early down back who can be paired with a smaller, faster back.  
STARKS RB BUFFALO Starks is the type of back who fights for yardage, reads his blocks well and is a solid receiver.  He is a good one cut and go back.  Coming off injury, he still managed to show good speed during his workout.  Starks could get lost in the draft and turn out to be a later round gem for the team that selects him. 
SHARP RB KANSAS While everyone is talking up McCluster, as a mighty-mite playmaker, and for good reason based on his college production, personally I wouldn't grab him in round two or three.  I would wait until round five or six and grab Sharp, a similar (if not better) athlete who can serve in the same role as McCluster.
TATE WR NOTRE DAME When all is said and done it wouldn't surprise me if Tate ends up as the most dangerous playmaking wide receiver in this draft.  He doesn't have prototypical size, but he has desire and mad skills.
WHITE WR MICHIGAN STATE White may be the most underrated player in this draft.  The former walk on has excellent size and strength, has very good hands and concentration, makes both the difficult catches and is a reliable third down option to help teams move the chains.  What more could you want?
GILYARD WR CINCINNATI Gilyard is a dynamo on the field.  He is a difference-maker in the return game and makes big plays as a wide receiver.  If I were to compare the feel I get from him, because I expected a better forty based on what I saw, it is the same as for Chad "Ochocino" Johnson.  He'll run as fast as he needs to on the field to make a play, but not as fast when there is no one he has to beat.
WILLIAMS WR TULANE Jeremy Williams is one of those guys who is better on the field than he works out.  He knows how to get open, catches naturally, and makes gets yards after the catch.  He may be drafted with the idea of being a #3 wideout, but could quickly change a teams mind and become a valuable starter.
SANDERS WR SMU Here is a kid who caught 98 balls for 1339 yards his senior year.  He then has one of the best workouts of all wide receivers in the draft with a 4.40 forty and an eye-popping 6.60 three cone.  Yes he is a bit small at a shade under 5'11" 186 pounds, but he should at least, seem intriguing to you.  He is to me.
LONG WR LOUISVILLE Hmm, a receiver who is 6'2", 216 who has good long speed (4.46 forty) and the quickness and cutting ability of the "slippery slot" receivers (4.09 short shuttle, 6.45 three-cone).  Oh yeah and the explosive athleticism that matches the best players available in the draft (41.5" broad jump), good production his senior year (53 for 727) and good character means he could be a steal for a team on day two of the draft. 
MOTURI WR UTEP Moturi was very productive his senior year (53 - 974).  He has good speed and makes sharp cuts.  As a late round receiver he could be a nice surprise for the team that selects him in the draft.
PITTA TE BYU Pitta is my top rated tight end in the draft.  He catches everything.  He has the strength, attitude and desire to be a plus blocker and has good speed and quickness for a tight end.  He has All Pro potential. 
GRAHAM TE MIAMI Let's see ... former basketball player fairly new to football ... great size at 6'6 1/4", 260 lbs ... ran a 4.53 forty ... showed good receiving skills during the post season ... I say draft him, be patient and you'll have a difference-maker on offense in a couple of years.
QUARLESS TE PENN STATE Quarless is a star in waiting.  He has good athleticism and excellent hands.  He is a bit of a hit or miss prospect, but I'm betting on the hit.
HARBOR TE MISSOURI STATE Harbor is extremely strong (30 bench presses), has good speed and good hands, and is a top athlete.  He will be a very valuable player who can play fullback, h-back, tight end, and be a top special teams player.
WILLIAMS OT OKLAHOMA For a team that values athleticism and speed over brute strength on it offensive line (e.g. zone blocking teams), Williams is the best tackle in the draft.
VELDHEER OT HILLSIDE Veldheer is a big kid with strength, speed, quickness and athleticism.  He will need to to develop, but will be a top starter down the line.  While Campbell was the workout star at the Combine amongst offensive lineman, Veldheer actually had a better short shuttle, three-cone, vertical jump, and broad jump.  He also had 32 bench presses and ran a very respectable 5.07 forty.  Oh yeah, he is 6'8.1", 312 lbs.
WASHINGTON OT ABILENE CHRISTIAN Washington has the physical skills to be a solid NFL starter.  He had some concerns off the field, but most appear to be when he younger.  I believe if a team takes a chance on him, they will like what they get.
WELCH OT VANDERBILT Welch is a strong kid who should be available later in the draft.  However, he should be a contributor over the long run in the NFL as a quality backup who could hold his own as a stop gap starter when needed.
PETRUS OG ARKANSAS Petrus is one of the strongest players in the draft.  As a former fullback and tight end he is still learning the position, but has tremendous potential.  He could go higher than some think.
LAUVAO OG ARIZONA STATE Lauvao is a good run blocker.  He played out of position at tackle his senior year which may be a reason he is a bit overlooked leading up to the draft.  However, he is a strong, tough kid who teams that play power football will love.
CARTER OG TEXAS TECH Carter is a guard who is an effective pass blocker as well as a mauler in the run game. Therefore, he offers a team versatility as a backup since he can play guard and can hold up if needed at tackle.  Down the line he could be a solid starter at guard as well.
TENNANT OC BOSTON COLLEGE Tennant is a battler with good strength and good feet.  I look for him to be a solid starting NFL center, possibly even the best in this class which would surprise many.
USC Byers is an underrated prospect.  He is stronger and quicker than many realize.  He could be a mid-round steal.
ESTES OC HAWAII Short arms, not overly fast, adequate but not great strength; sound like a player I would put onj my underrated list?  Maybe not, but Estes just gets it done on the field.  he is an overachiever who will fight his way onto a NFL roster. 
GRAHAM DE MICHIGAN Graham is one of the best players in this draft.  While many look at him as a 3-4 outside linebacker, I believe he will be best served as a 4-3 defensive end.  He is known as a dynamic pass rusher, however, he is also very good against the run.
TE'O-NESHEIM DE WASHINGTON Te'o-Nesheim was considered a tough, highly-competitive kid with a motor that runs constantly.  Then he worked out.  He showed the quickness and cutting ability of a running back and the athleticism of a linebacker.  Te'o-Nesheim will be an outright steal for someone in the draft.
DANIELS DE CINCINNATI Here's a real sleeper for you.  Daniels had 8.5 sacks last year.  He then went to Texas vs. the nation All Star Game and didn't pop.  Now an after-thought for many, he has my attention again because he showed why he was a good player at Cincinnati by having as good of a workout across the board as any defensive end in the draft.
WILLIAM DT TENNESSEE Williams is a big kid who plays the run very well and will make a 3-4 team very happy as a solid nose tackle.
CALIFORNIA Alualu is the rare defensive tackle who will be of value to both 4-3 teams, especially ones that like quick, athletic tackles; and 3-4 teams since he has the athletic ability to kick out to end in that alignment.  Alualu is a hustler who is always around the ball.
GEORGIA Atkins has a nice mix of speed, quickness and strength.  He will be a solid NFL player as either a 3-4 end or 4-3 tackle.  In fact he could be a 3-4 end who kicks inside to rush the passer in the nickel if the team employs a 4-3.
JOSEPH DT EAST CAROLINA Joseph is a strong, quick defensive tackle with good size.  With the depth at defensive tackle in this draft he could get a bit lost.  But he will be a solid NFL player.
ARIZONA Mitchell may be the fastest defensive tackle in this draft.  while a defensive tackle at Arizona, I see him as a defensive end in the 3-4. 
MISSOURI Weatherspoon may be my favorite player in the draft.  While he has the skill set to be a terrific sideline-to-sideline WILL, I like him as a middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense.  He is fast, athletic, strong, and a vocal leader.  He is a player a defense can be built around.
BUTLER ILB WASHINGTON Why this kid isn't getting more attention puzzles me.  He is a tackling machine with great strength, quickness, athleticism and speed.  He will be top notch inside linebacker for the team that drafts him.
CARTER ILB UCLA Carter is a better football player than athlete.  He is strong and has good football instincts.  He needs to bulk up a bit because I believe his future is inside in a 3-4 defense.  While he may not be being thought of as a starter currently, I wouldn't bet against this kid.
WATSON OLB FLORIDA STATE Okay, I have put myself on the line here.  I have Watson as my top rated outside linebacker (I have Weatherspoon listed as an inside linebacker).  This kid is a good football player and a great, and I mean great athlete.  He is the prototypical 4-3 WILL.  Watson will be a difference-maker in the NFL.
VIRGINIA TECH Of all the conversion players (defensive end to 3-4 outside linebacker), Worilds intrigues me the most.  While players like Hughes and Kindle are more sure things, Worilds may have more upside (as well as more risk of failure).  Since he is on my "list" you know I'm betting on success, not failure.
UTAH Misi is a college defensive end many have projected as a 3-4 OLB.  Personally, I like him as an ILB in a 3-4.  He hustles, has a nose for the ball, and is a terrific athlete.
SCOFIELD OLB WISCONSIN Prior to getting injured at the Senior Bowl, Schofield looked like he was transitioning to 3-4 OLB very well.  His injury will hurt his draft status, but if he heals well, he could be a player to watch in 2011.
OKLAHOMA Clayton is a tremendous athlete who will be a terror on special teams.  Long term he could be a useful backup linebacker or possibly, if converted to strong safety, a solid starter.
ROBINSON CB FLORIDA STATE I know, I know, people say he is inconsistent.  But he's still young and has so much natural ability he can take it for granted at times that he will be successful.  Robinson is the best man-to-man cover corner in this draft.  In fact, he is my top rated corner in this draft.
MCCOURTY CB RUTGERS McCourty is a top special teams player as well as a top cornerback.  He is another great athlete and the team that drafts him will be getting a long term starter.
GHEE CB WAKE FOREST Ghee is not getting the pub that many other corners are in this draft, but he is in the mix to be the best after the top four (Robinson, Harden, Wilson, McCourty). 
VERNER CB UCLA Verner is more quick than fast and will be a nickel corner covering slot receivers or a starter for a team plating the Tampa Two defense.  However, he will be a very good in the right role.
CARROLL CB MARYLAND Carroll would have been more of a player to watch if he didn't break his leg last year.  However, before that he was considered a very good cover corner.  However, his workout left no doubt that he has recovered from his injury and he will be a legitimate steal in this draft. 
WALL CB TEXAS TECH Wall is a fighter with good football instincts.  He doesn't have the quickness or athleticism of many of the other corners in the draft, but he gets the job done on the field.  Wall is the type of player you want on your bench.  when given an opportunity to play, he will surprise you. 
BURNEY CB COLORADO Burney is an under the radar prospect who played well and had a terrific workout.  He should find his way onto a NFL roster, be a core special teams player, and compete for playing time in the base defense.  He's not afraid to mix it up and has good strength for a cornerback.
BURNETT FS GEORGIA TECH While Berry and Thomas are getting the pub at free safety, and deservingly so, Burnett is a great consolation prize for a team that couldn't secure one of those two players.  Burnett will mix it up and has a nose for the ball.
MILES FS MASSACHUSETTS  Miles is a good athlete as well as a good football player.  He currently isn't getting much attention, but he will be a core special teams player with a chance to grow into a starter.
USC I don't care what people are saying, in the right system this kid will be a terror.  He is a big-time athlete with excellent speed.  He could be a Rodney Harrison type, great in the box, okay in coverage, but will make the interception to help kill drives (and yes I know many do not think he has great ball balls, I see the potential in him to develop that skill).
STUCKEY SS KANSAS Stuckey is a very underrated prospect.  He is tackling machine with great instincts and good speed.  I would want him on my team.
VIRGINIA TECH Chancellor is a big for a safety but has surprisingly good cover skills.  He will start off as a core special teams player and will develop into a long term starter at strong safety.
SKINNER SS MARYLAND Skinner is a player who always seems to be around the ball.  He does his job quietly so he often goes unnoticed, but will be a nice surprise for the team that drafts him.