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by Jay Goldberg

LEFEVOUR QB CENTRAL MICHIGAN LeFevour played the best game of any of the quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl.  He showed excellent mobility and threw a good deep ball. 
ROBINSON QB OKLAHOMA SATE I was impressed by Robinson who looked particularly good in the two-minute offense.  He has the look of at least a solid NFL backup quarterback. 
BLOUNT RB OREGON If not for the Boise State incident, I would have said after watching Blount in this game, I want this kid on my team.  I still may, but I would need to talk to him (and others) first.  He is a big kid, runs hard, showed a quick burst and quick feet. 
JOHNSON RB USC It was good to see Johnson back on the field after his horrible accident.  He didn't play much, but showed enough to put his name back on the map for the draft.
MILLER RB FRESNO STATE Matthews backup played well until he fumbled.  He showed speed, quickness and cutting ability in minimal facetime.
WILLIAMS WR TULANE I love this kid's ability.  He played a very good game.  He displayed excellent hands and good route-running ability.  He had a nice run on a reverse.  He could be a real sleeper in the draft.  I'm looking forward to his Combine workout.
GILYARD WR CINCINNATI Gilyard looked great as a receiver, getting deep and catching the ball, as a punt returner, and as a kick returner.  He had an overall excellent game.
FORD WR CLEMSON Ford showed just enough to go with with world class speed to make him a very intriguing player for teams on draft day both as a receiver and as a returner.
PEEK TE ALABAMA Peek had a nice first half.  He got open, made catches and I even saw a decent block in the run game.
GRAHAM TE MIAMI Not yet a finished product, Graham is a basketball player with good size who showed enough in this game for GMs to debate how good he could be and how much he should be drafted above where his college production would have placed him in the draft.
BLACK OT LSU It was a tough day for the East offensive line against the West's pass rush.  However, Black held up better than most.  He did get beat on occasion, but more than held his own.
WELCH OT VANDERBILT A late add to the game, Welch popped a bit for me during the game in pass protection. 
LAUVAO OG ARIZONA STATE I noticed a couple of nice blocks by Lauvao during the run game.
GRAHAM DE MICHIGAN Graham was not only putting constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks, but he played very well against the run as well.  He played a great game.
AUBURN Coleman, known for his pass rushing skills, actually popped on some running plays. 
ALUALU DT CALIFORNIA Alualu was very active both against the pass and against the run.  He looked like he had the tools to kick outside to end in a 3-4 defense.
WILLIAMS DT TENNESSEE Williams played a terrific game.  He looked very good against the run.
ATKINS DT GEORGIA Atkins had a sack, made a good play on screen pass, and played a steady game.  He is a candidate for end in a 3-4 defense as well as tackle for a 4-3 defense.
WEATHERSPOON LB MISSOURI Weatherspoon was the best player in the game in my opinion.  He played well both against the run and the pass.  He was a big hitter, plays with passion, and looked like a leader on the field.  
WASHINGTON LB TCU Washington had good moments, particularly against the pass.
MISI LB UTAH Misi had a solid game including a sack, forcing a fumble.  He looked like a hustle-player who is always around the ball.
WATSON LB FLORIDA STATE Watson looked good against the run showing speed and big-hitting ability.  Worst case he will be a monster on special teams.
ROBINSON CB FLORIDA STATE I was very, very impressed by Robinson.  He looked great in coverage and showed excellent tackling skills.  Robinson was clearly one of the best players on the field.  He displayed excellent man-on-man cover skills.
ARENAS CB ALABAMA Arenas played a functionally sound game.  He gets good position and tackles well.  He also looked good as a returner.  However, he did get beat deep and may be better playing inside as a nickel or in a zone.
WILSON CB BOISE STATE Wilson was fairly quiet, but I did notice a nice tackle on a running play, and a couple of plays where he had good pass coverage away from the play.
MAYS S USC Mays is on the list because he answered some questions with his nice read and interception.  He is a big-hitter and his ball skills were one of the questions regarding his safety skills.
SKINNER S MARYLAND Skinner showed that he has good instincts by being around the ball, and showed that he is a sure tackler.