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Players that Popped at the 2013 East West Shrine Game

by Jay Goldberg

What follows are the players that popped from watching the game. In the coming weeks I will review the game in more detail to get a better feel for all the players. So consider this my "top level" analysis. As I study the game in more detail, some of these players could be removed from my list and others could find themselves in my top 15 from the game. For example, I look at offensive lineman when I re-watch the game, not on first watch.

QB, Alex Carder, Western Michigan - While coming into the game the hype was on Colin Klein, who looked good running, but was inconsistent throwing, and the announcers initially talked up Seth Doege, it was Carder who caught my eye. Carder was accurate, had zip on his passes, and showed NFL-potential. He did make one poor throw that was picked off, but his overall his performance was impressive.

RB, Christine Michael, Texas A&M - Michael was the one player, highlighted pre-game who looked very good in the game. He ran with toughness, showed good cutting ability and looked good catching the one ball thrown his way. His stats for the game weren't that impressive, but he looked much better than the box score indicated.

RB, Zac Line, Southern Methodist - After the success that Alfred Morris had coming into the NFL coming out of last year's East West Shrine Game, I would be foolish not to at least mention Line. He is a big, strong kid who appeared to have a similar skill set to Morris. While it's doubtful he will be the player Morris is, I need to analyze him in more detail going forward.

WR, Chad Bumphis, Mississippi State - After his first catch I could tell that Bumphis was a player who I would like. It wasn't a big play, but he ran a nice route, caught the ball effortlessly, and showed excellent YAC ability. He went on to have a nice day catching 4 balls for 92 yards and a touchdown, but he would have been on this list even if he didn't have such an impressive stat line.

WR, Anthony Amos, Middle Tennessee State - Amos is another receiver who impressed me. He showed quickness, toughness, and looked quick. He was also interviewed on the sideline during the game and came across as a player who gets its. I want to see his workout numbers, but as of now, he is a player I would look to draft.

DE, Devon Taylor, South Carolina - Taylor was the best player on the field. He played well rushing the passer, got sacks and played the run. Taylor showed a non-stop motor, and is a player to keep an eye on as the draft process progresses.

DE, Brandon Thurmond, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Thurmond showed good pass rushing skills during the game. It will be interesting to see his workouts going forward to determine if he fits in as a-34 outside linebacker or a pass-rushing defensive end.

LB, A. J. Klein, Iowa State - Klein showed skills both in pass coverage and against the run. On first glance, he appeared to be the best linebacker in the game.

LB, Albert Rosette, Nevada - When watching the game live, I make mental notes of players I see making tackles. If the name sticks with me I figure they probably made more than the few times their name registered with me. When I review and analyze the game in more detail, I know for sure. Rosette was a name that registered with me as a player making tackles as I watched the game. Oh, and the tackles that register with me were good plays, not finishing off good plays by the offense.

LB, Sio Moore, Connecticut - Moore didn't pop that often, but when he did he made an impression. To me, in this game, he looked like an athletic kid who can flow to the ball quickly and make tackles.

CB, Terry Hawthorne, Illinois - Cornerback is another position that I get a better feel on after reviewing the game in more detail. Only real good plays or real bad plays stick on first watch. However, that is often not that representative of a player's full game. Given that, Hawthorne had an excellent moment or two in the game, including a nice pick.

CB, Nigel Malone, Kansas State - See the write up for Hawthorne regarding my initial evaluation of cornerbacks. Malone had a nice pick six, but he also looked good in coverage on other plays which is why he is on my list.

CB, Kayvon Webster, South Florida - Just to prove that is wasn't only a pick that got cornerbacks on my list, Webster, who did not get a pick, is on it as well. There were a couple of occasions where I noticed a corner either playing well in coverage or coming up to make a good hit. Webster caught my eye doing both.

S, Cody Davis, Texas Tech - I didn't notice Davis in pass coverage (I may after re-watching and analyzing the game), but I did against the run, where he flowed to the ball well.

K, Celeb Sturgis, Florida - Sturgis showed a big leg both with his field goals and with his kickoffs. Last year there were two very good kickers in the game (Walsh and Zuerlein). Sturgis could follow their NFL success this year.