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2014 NFL Draft: Round One Pick by Pick Analysis
Please note that this analysis is being done pick by pick not after-the-fact so at the time of this analysis, I have no knowledge of what a team did after their selection.

The categories for each selection will be one of the following four:

Agree - nothing more needs to be said, but I'll probably write something anyway.

Can't argue, but ... - the pick makes sense, there are no negative marks for the selection, however, I might have done something different and I'll explain what that was.

Disagree, here's why ... - I see some merit in the pick, but I definitely would have done something different and I'll explain what that was.

Mistake - most often this will be because I would have gone in a totally different direction and, in my opinion, the team will regret their selection in the long run. A mistake listing is not a negative mark on the player drafted. That player could have an excellent NFL career. It's just that I feel the NFL team will regret passing on another player, or not drafting a player at a different position.


1 HOU Clowney, Jadeveon - DE/OLB
South Carolina
Can't argue, but I would have loved to see what Mack would have done opposite J.J. Watt; he is a better fit at outside linebacker in the Texans' 3-4 defense.  Maybe Houston will play more 4-3 with Watt and Clowney at end.
2 STL Robinson, Greg - OT/OG
Agree; Robinson will help in the run game immediately and will grow into a top pass blocker as well.
3 JAC Bortles, Blake - QB
Central Florida
Agree; he was my number one rated quarterback in the draft and if Jacksonville has a conviction that Bortles is a franchise QB, it doesn't matter where they draft him in round one. 
4 BUF Watkins, Sammy - WR
Agree; great, bold move by the Bills; they now have a very good receiving corps with Woods and Goodwin from last year's draft - look for Stevie Johnson to be traded or released.
5 OAK Mack, Khalil - OLB
Agree; the Raiders are starting to put together a good pass rushing team.  I also like Sio Moore who Oakland drafted last year so it will interesting how their linebacker unit shakes out; maybe Mack will be a WILL on early downs and a pass rusher in the nickel.
6 ATL Matthews, Jake - OT
Texas A&M
Can't argue, but I like Lewan a little more.  Also I don't think Barr would have been a reach at this spot; Atlanta badly needs a pass rusher.  Let's see who is on the board in round two.
7 TB  Evans, Mike - WR
Texas A&M
Agree; this gives McCown two big targets to throw to; a configuration he thrived in when filling in for Cutler last year in Chicago.
8 CLE Gilbert, Justin - CB
Oklahoma State
Agree; Cleveland's defense is much better than many may think.  I didn't think McFadden, taken in round three last tear was the answer opposite Haden; after one year  Browns' management appears to agree.
9 MIN Barr, Anthony - DE/OLB
Can't argue, adding pass rushers is never a bad idea, but I would have drafted MIKE linebacker C. J. Mosely.  Will the Vikings move Greenway to WILL to play Barr at SAM? Otherwise Barr is a defensive end rotating with Griffen and Robison.
10 DET Ebron, Eric - TE
North Carolina
Disagree, the Lions' offense is not the unit that needs a major upgrade; its their secondary.  I would have drafted Clinton-Dix, a player who could have been a turnover machine behind the Lions' impressive defensive line.  Ebron will be more wide receiver than tight end, so Detroit is another team following the Bears' two big receiving options model. 
11 TEN Lewan, Taylor - OT
Disagree, and not because Lewan will not be a top tackle and not because he wasn't the best value of the board at this spot - he was.  I disagree because a 3-4 defense needs dominate pass rushing outside linebackers to be effective and Ayers and Phillips just don't do it for me.  I am very high on Dee Ford and he would have been my pick here.
12 NYG Beckham, Odell - WR
Disagree, with Randle on hand (I know they have some questions on him) and the depth at receiver in the draft, I look at Beckham as a luxury pick here.  I know the Giants new offensive coordinator is from Green Bay so that means many wide receivers; but Green Bay did well finding receivers after round one.  My pick would have been C. J. Mosley.  Name me a difference maker at linebacker for the Giants.
13 STL Donald, Aaron - DT
Agree; and wow!  Donald was one of my favorite players in the draft and now with Donald joining Brockers, Long and Quinn up front; the Rams may just have the best pass rushing defensive line in the NFL.
14 CHI Fuller, Kyle - CB
Virginia Tech
Can't argue, the Bears need a corner, but they really need a safety.  With more depth at corner than safety in this draft I probably would have gone Clinton-Dix or Pryor here and looked for a corner in round two.  Maybe they'll get lucky and get Bucannon or Ward in round two.
15 PIT Shazier, Ryan - OLB/ILB
Ohio State
Can't argue, Shazier is a special athlete who could provide both tackles and sacks from inside linebacker; however, I would have drafted cornerback Dennard at this spot.
16 DAL Martin, Zack - OT/OG
Mistake; and not because of Martin; he is a very good player who will be a valuable player for a long time for Dallas. However, the Cowboys badly need pass rushers and Dee Ford is going to be a very good pass rusher in the NFL.  He would have started at end and, in short order, Dallas would have seen no drop off from what they would have gotten from DeMarcus Ware.
17 BAL Mosley, C. J. - ILB
Agree, here is a worthy successor to Ray Lewis.  Arthur Brown had hype from many draft experts last year, but I didn't have a particularly high grade on him.
18 NYJ Pryor, Calvin - SS/FS
Disagree, with CB Dennard and WR Cooks available I would have gone in a different direction.  However, Pryor will be an important and very effective player for the Jets for a long time.
19 MIA  James, JuJuan - OT/OG
Can't argue, the Fins badly need offensive line help.  However, I may have gone with the guard  Su'a-Filo who I believe has All Pro potential at guard at this spot and hoped a player like James or Bitonio or Moses ot Kouandjio or even Turner fell to me in round two (or moved up to get one of them).
20 NO Cooks, Brandin - WR
Oregon State
Agree, but not because of what some of the talking heads said - that the Saints needed someone to stretch the field - they have both Stills and Graham that do that.  Instead he provides another player that can stretch the field and more importantly can work underneath as others stretch the field to turn a short pass into a big game.  Cooks is one of my favorite players in the draft and makes the Saints' offense even more difficult to deal with.
21 GB Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha - FS
Agree, the draft board could not have fallen better for the Packers who needed a play-making and solid pass defender at safety.  This was probably the player Green Bay hoped, but thought they wouldn't get in the draft.
22 CLE Manziel, Johnny - QB
Texas A&M
Can't argue, if a team likes a round one quarterback and makes a move to get him, it shows real faith in that prospect.  However, he could be a team-killer as an effective quarterback who cannot stay on the field because of a mix of his size and playing style.  With Manziel, the Browns will need a back-up quarterback who would also be a good NFL starter to keep things going if (when?) Manziel is on the shelf.  The good news: Hoyer could be that guy.
23 KC Ford, Dee - OLB/DE
Disagree, the Chiefs have no second round pick and have some needs that should have been addressed here.  This should prove that my rating have little to do with how well I believe the player drafted will be in the NFL since I had two earlier spots in the draft where I felt Ford should have been picked.  I would have drafted a wide receiver; Lee, Mathews, or even a speed burner like Richardson or super quick receiver like Ellington. 
24 CIN Dennard, Darqueze - CB
Michigan State
Agree, Dennard was good value at a position of need for the Bengals.  THis is the spot I had Manziel going in my mock draft, it would have been interesting (for me at least) if he was available her.
25 SD Verrett, Jason - CB
Can't argue, especially because Verrett was my second-rated cornerback in the draft, a run-stiffing nose tackle like Nix III would have been difficult for me to pass on here.
26 PHI Smith, Marcus - OLB/DE
Can't argue, Smith will be a good pass rushing outside linebacker, but Philly is a team that could have used a nose tackle with some size (Nix III), and more importantly, a play-making wide receiver.  However, round two will provide a lot of good wide receiver options.  All in all, the Eagles may have made a better choice than I would have made at this spot.
27 ARZ Bucannon, Deone - SS
Washington State
Agree, Bucannon was my top rated safety in the draft.  He will form a very Seattle-like safety duo with Tyrann Mathieu in Arizona.  By the way Mayock - I think it is Bucannon who is more Bob-Sanders-like than Pryor.
28 CAR Benjamin, Kelvin - WR
Florida State
Disagree, while I like the position drafted, I would have gone with a different receiver.  It isn't the slowish forty time (4.61) that puts some doubt in my mind about Benjamin, it's his short shuttle (4.39 - Combine; 4.49 - Pro Day) and his three-cone (7.33 - Combine).  He also didn't show explosion in Combine workouts (32.5" vertical; 9'11" broad jump).  His numbers, for me, are a cause for concern.  I would have drafted Lee or Mathews.
29 NE Easley, Dominique - DT
Mistake; defensive tackle RaShede Hageman is going to be a beast in the NFL and he would have clearly been my pick as a defensive tackle at this spot.  However, Easley will be a productive NFL player.
30 SF Ward, Jimmie - FS/NCB
Northern Illinois
Mistake; Ward, who is a good football player worth this spot in the draft, will need an injury to start at safety this year, and in the long run is a much better fit a free safety (where they have Reid) long term.  This makes him a nickel corner/safety in both the short and long term.  I would have drafted cornerback Roby here and looked for a nickel corner or safety later in the draft.  Even a receiver would have made more sense here.
31 DEN Roby, Bradley - CB
Ohio State
Agree, Denver continues what it started in free agency adding quality defensive players.  Roby, if his head is on straight, could be a steal here and form one of the best corner duos in the league with Talib.
32 MIN Bridgewater, Teddy - QB
Agree, and smart move trading up ahead of Houston to grab him as well as getting an extra tear on his rookie contract since he is a first round pick.  The only point I'll make is that while I like the potential of Garappolo more, he is not currently a system fit for Minnesota.