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2015 NFL Draft: Round One Pick by Pick Analysis
Please note that this analysis is being done pick by pick not after-the-fact so at the time of this analysis, I have no knowledge of what a team did after their selection.

The categories for each selection will be one of the following four:

Agree - nothing more needs to be said, but I'll probably write something anyway.

Can't argue, but ... - the pick makes sense, there are no negative marks for the selection, however, I might have done something different and I'll explain what that was.

Disagree, here's why ... - I see some merit in the pick, but I definitely would have done something different and I'll explain what that was.

Mistake - most often this will be because I would have gone in a totally different direction and, in my opinion, the team will regret their selection in the long run. A mistake listing is not a negative mark on the player drafted. That player could have an excellent NFL career. It's just that I feel the NFL team will regret passing on another player, or not drafting a player at a different position.


Pick Team Player Pos College Comment
1(1) Buccaneers Winston, Jameis QB Florida St. Agree; this is a first pick in the draft who will prove to be worth the pick
2(2) Titans Mariota, Marcus QB Oregon Can't argue, but I may have pulled the trigger on the Eagles' trade (assuming what was rumored was true); Mariota is not an ideal fit for Whisenhunt's current offense.
3(3) Jaguars Fowler, Jr., Dante OLB Florida Agree; Fowler Jr. is a great get to play LEO in the Jaguars defense.
4(4) Raiders Cooper, Amari WR Alabama Can't argue Cooper is the clear number one receiver in this draft class, but Williams could have been the "Justin Smith" to Mack's "Aldon Smith" in the Raiders' new 3-4 defense.
5(5) Redskins Scherff, Brandon OG Iowa Agree; I had Scherff mocked here which was well against the grain in the DC Pro Sports (a Redskins' site) Mock Draft Database (click here).
6(6) Jets Williams, Leonard DE USC Can't argue, Williams was the clear best player available, but right now there is a logjam of good 3-4 defensive lineman.  I would have drafted Bud Dupree, an excellent 3-4 outsde linebacker prospect.
7(7) Bears White, Kevin WR West Virginia Can't argue, but I think they needed help on defense and the offensive line more and there is excellent depth at receiver in this draft.  I would have looked long and hard at Flowers or Shelton.
8(8) Falcons Beasley, Vic OLB Clemson Agree; there may be questions about Beasley's ability to play against the run; but there are no questions about his ability to rush the passer and that is what the Flacons badly need.
9(9) Giants Flowers, Ereck OG Miami Agree; I had Collins mocked here but after what happened just before the draft, it is clear he will fall out of round one and Flowers is the next player up.
10(10) Rams Gurley, Todd RB Georgia Disagree, here's why; it's not about Gurley, he is worth the pick and will be a very good player; it's about Tre Mason who I believe can be a top NFL running back as well.  If the Rams had no other holes, fine, but Waynes, Parker or Peat would have made more sense here.
11(11) Vikings Waynes, Trae CB Michigan St. Agree; the Vikings needed a corner and Waynes is the best corner in this draft.
12(12) Browns Shelton, Danny NT Washington Agree; they need a nose for their 3-4 defense and Shelton will be a good one.  Parker is tempting, but this is a deep wide receiver draft.
13(13) Saints Peat, Andrus OT Stanford Can't argue, this is more evidence of the Saints going to more f a running game; but Dupree would be a nice upgrade on Spencer opposite Junior Gallette and Parker was there for the taking.
14(14) Dolphins Parker, DeVante WR Louisville Can't argue, but their offensive line remains a mess.  Luckily it's at guard so they can get help later in the draft.  Also, how nice would it have been to draft Gordon, a true every down running back.
15(15) Chargers  Gordon, Melvin RB Wisconsin Agree; the Chargers needed a new lead back and got a good one in Gordon.
16(16) Texans Johnson, Kevin CB Wake Forest Can't argue, some had Johnson as the top corner in the draft and the more talented corners the better in the modern day NFL; but this is a spot where Gregory would have been intriguing.  With Watt, Clowney and Mercilus on board they had enough without him if he "blew up in smoke," but could have had a monster pass rush if he walked a straight line. 
17(17) 49ers Armstead, Arik DT Oregon Agree; with the uncertainty abut Justin Smith returning and Dockett coming back from injury; Armstead could be needed sooner rather than later.  Certainly he is needed long term. 
18(18) Chiefs Peters, Marcus CB Washington Disagree, here's why; there are too many potential issue with Peters for me to feel comfortable drafting him in round one.  Besides, offensive line (Humphries) or wide receiver (Perriman) would have been the direction I would have gone.
19(19) Browns Erving, Cameron C Florida St. Disagree, here's why; this team needs playmakers.  Perriman has legit 4.25 speed AND is a 6'2" receiver.  He would have opened up the offence for their running game and their possession receivers like Bowe.
20(20) Eagles Agholor, Nelson WR USC Agree; underrated receiver with the ideal skills to excel in Chip Kelly's offense.
21(21) Bengals Ogbuehi, Cedric OT Texas A&M Agree; the Bengals have time to wait for Ogbuehi to get back to full strength; and then they'll have a stud.
22(22) Steelers Dupree, Bud OLB Kentucky Agree; as the A Team would say, "it's nice when a plan comes together."  Need matches value as the Steelers get one of the steals of the draft.
23(23) Broncos Ray, Shane DE Missouri Disagree, here's why; I think Ray is a bit of a tweener, not big enough for end and not athletic enough for outside linebacker.  With Denver he will be an outside linebacker but will not see the field much with Miller and Ware ahead of him on the depth chart.  I would have stayed where I was (not traded up) and selected nose tackle Goldman in that spot (I believe he will be available there based on the teams drafting between this spot and number 28).
24(24) Cardinals Humphries, D.J. OT Florida Agree; Arizona needs help on its offensive line and Humphries is the top tackle left on the board (although I really like Fisher).
25(25) Panthers Thompson, Shaq OLB Washington Mistake, Thompson is a very good football player even if he may be a player without a true position in base defenses.  However, how do you pass on Perriman.  He would open up this offense making Benjamin an even more effective player.  How much would Newton have loved playing with him.
26(26) Ravens Perriman, Breshad WR Central Florida Agree; this is what top front offices do.  The Browns and the Panthers will look back and regret not taking him; especially the Browns who will now have to deal with him two times a year.  Perriman's value is more than just what his stats end up.  His size/speed combo will impact defensive game plans and open the offense for others.  Looks like another good fantasy football year for the aging but effective Steve Smith.
27(27) Cowboys Jones, Byron CB Connecticut Agree; corner is a position of need and Jones has the potential to grow into a man to man corner who follows opposing team' best wide receiver all over the field.
28(28) Lions  Tomlinson, Laken OG Duke Can't argue, the Lions need a guard and Tomlinson will be a very good one.  However, the running back Coleman would have intrigued me here.  His home-run speed and big ply ability would have added a dimension this team hasn't had at running back in a long time and effective guards can be gotten later in the draft.
29(29) Colts Dorsett, Phillip WR Miami Mistake, and I love Dorsett as a player.  He is going to be very very good.  He will be the next T.Y. Hilton.  Wait, the Colts already have T.Y. Hilton.  This pick is almost obnoxious, flicking the finger to the rest of the NFL saying we're perfect, we don't  have any needs.  Well the safety Randall would have been my pick and would have formed a nice tandem with Adams.  Now, that said, boy is the Colt's passing game going to be something special, Dorsett is a very good player.
30(30) Packers Randall, Damarious FS Arizona State Disagree, here's why (and isn't this confusing since I just said I would have drafted Randall at #29); the Packers' group of safeties, Burnett, Clinton-Dix and third safety Hyde are a strength for this team.  Now if they see Randall as a corner, I'm on board and that is very possible.  My pick would have been Kendricks, giving the Packers a top notch inside linebacker allowing Matthews to move back outside full time.
31(31) Saints  Anthony, Stephone ILB Clemson Can't argue, they certainly need an upgrade at inside linebacker; but while I like Anthony a lot; I like Kendricks more.
32(32) Patriots Brown, Malcom DT Texas Agree; it's rare that a player as skilled as Brown falls to the bottom of round one; and he fits the Patriots' 4-3 defense very well.